My bf dont know how old I am.

My bf is 17 and I am only 14. I told him that I was 17 and he believed me. What am I suppose to do? I love him so much and I neva eva wanna let him go bt wt am I sppose to do
Asked May 05, 2011
Tell him somebody screwed up and put too many candles on your last birthday cake. :-)
Answered May 05, 2011
Well, you can slowly let him find out how old you are. On your birthday, if you have a party then obviously he'll find out that you are 14. From a cake or if your friends punch you. If he really loves you, then he won't leave you for your age because he's dating you while your 14. Not 17. Age doesn't matter. It does if one of the two in a couple is over 18 and the other is under. Good luck.
Answered May 05, 2011
But then won't it matter in a year?
You could try explaining to him that you were afraid to tell him the truth in the beginning... and then it just got harder and harder and harder. I would suggest you clear it up before he turns 18. He could get in serious legal trouble for having a 14/15-year-old girlfriend.
Answered May 05, 2011
Edited May 05, 2011
OOh that is a tough one! I mean he is going on 18 and you are going on 15....that could cause a problem if the two of you are already sexually active or are planning on getting intimate with one another. If you do not mind me asking, "where did the two of you meet?, How long have you been going out for? Are there other vital things you are not telling him about?" I made a mistake not telling my bf things and it is difficult for him to trust me now! I hope the same thing does not happen to you. Honesty is the best virtue...sorry to be so clique about it!!!
Answered May 05, 2011
I think you should be stright out with it and tell him how old you are and if he truly loves you he wouldn't care because age is just but a number
Answered May 07, 2011
You should never lie about your age to someone that you love. I think you should just openly tell him and if he freaks out then you know he wasn't the one for you. You can do better if he does react in a bad way. If he really cared about you then it shouldn't matter how old you are.
Answered Jun 03, 2011
You need to tell him. It is illegal to date a minor once he turns 18. You need to let him know you're sorry, but you are 14.AGE DOES MATTER. I'm 15 and I know that it does. Don't say it doesn't. People really bug me with questions like this, it's common sense.
Answered Aug 13, 2013

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