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Ok this is going to be a rather long one so get ready... Well I really like this girl who goes to the same school as me.. Last year I went out with her but im going to use that phrase loosely because we didnt talk much.. Eventually we ended up breaking up just because we never really talked or anything so I just told her that it wasnt going to work and we broke up for a few months. This year I just realized that now I actually have real feelings for the girl and that I actually want to talk to her and everything. The problem is she says she doesnt want a relationship. I can understand that if she really knew me and everything but she doesnt, even though we went out we really dont know each other so I was just asking her to give me another chance so she could see what I am really like. She has been hanging out with me alone for a couple of days and I think it has been going good but the only problem is that when we are at school she sort of avoids me and she will only text me when I text her first. that bothers me because she used to want to talk to me all the time but now its like I barely exist and it really hurts. What do I do? I know that deep down she still likes me and she wants to like me but something is pushing her away. her friends tell me that she pushes me away on purpose too and they dont know why either. When I call her out on it she says that she doesnt and I even appologized for ignoring her when we were going out but she said that doesnt bother her either. I just dont know what to do anymore because I care about her a lot but its like she doesnt care about me a lot
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Asked May 04, 2011
maybe she's afraid of it not working again, who knows, maybe it hurt her feelings when you broke up with her last time, and she's afraid of it going the same way again.
Answered May 04, 2011
In order for this to work out, she has to want it as well. Maybe in time, she will. But if not, there's no way to force it. I would suggest being patient and continue behaving like someone she'd want to date. I think being assertive in this situation will backfire.

You said: "she doesnt want a relationship." If she really doesn't want a relationship at all, with anyone, then there's nothing you can do.
Answered May 04, 2011

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