Joining a gang?

My cousins and friends want me to join there gang. (crips) I never thought about it before. Since im a girl to join the gang I would have to get jumped or I would have to get sexed in. I want to make my friends and family proud. But I dont want to dedicate my life to a gang. What should I do?
Asked May 04, 2011
Hey, you mentioned in your other post that your mom is in the military. What about following that tradition? That's something you join with a serious commitment. You have to be tough to handle that. Now THAT'S a second family; those guys hang tight. It has an initiation rite: boot camp. Plus, you'd get a salary and respect. You'd get to travel. Yeah. What about the military? I bet your mom would be proud of that... and so would a good chunk of the country.

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What is it about being a member of a gang that would make "your friends and family proud?" Is it getting into a group that essentially anybody can get into? Is it the public service they provide the neighborhood? Maybe the prestige you will get from the other inmates?
Answered May 04, 2011
Edited May 04, 2011
No, but they want me to join because it's a family tradition. So it would make them very proud if I joined.
Abrii May 04, 2011
If any of my family members jumped off a cliff it wouldn't make me feel the need to follow them. :-)
Rob May 04, 2011
what is it the mob or something?
In my family, college is not optional. We are expected to earn Ivy League undergrad and prof/grad degrees. I don't know the FIRST thing about an environment that presents gang membership as a viable life choice! I could not be more alien to your world.

What I do know is that I have a close friend who was presented with the same choice as a teenager in South Chicago. He said no. He went on to college. He's leading a very happy life as a husband and father, and is doing well in his professional life. He did all this without turning his back on his family, and they are very proud of him.... plus they seem to have a need to have someone legit get them out of jail from time to time.

Look for other options in life.

Would they not be proud of you for living a happy, productive life outside of the gang? Are there any other family traditions you could participate in?
Answered May 04, 2011
Edited May 05, 2011
so your saying you carnt have a productive life if your in a gang?im in a gang my lifes achieving levels im doing my gcse's and im planning to go to college in the next 2 months so tell me how thats not productive?
I think it's extremely difficult to lead a productive life when engaging in destructive activities, no matter what the activity.
but not all gangs are like that.for example you choose to be bossed around and make the wrong decisicions but you can choose to be the one who makes the smart decisions in the gang
I don't even know what to say to that. This is making me sad. Choosing a illegal way of life that puts you in front of a gun is by default not a smart decision.
LOL ok then
You said "But I dont want to dedicate my life to a gang." Trust your instinct.
Answered May 04, 2011
gangs go ham all it is a family wit...guns...drugs
Answered May 04, 2011
Ok look I know absolutley nothing about gangs so I will tell you what I do when I have to make a tough decision. I go with what I think will benefit me in the long run. You yourself have stated that you don't want to dedicate your life to a gang so it sounds like you are not completely convinced by this proposition your cousin and friends have put forward to you. I personally say don't do it, however whatever you choose I wish you luck with it.
Answered May 04, 2011
im going to give you my honest opinion .do it.a gang is like a second family there for you alll the time thier people you can rely on.but thats what I did
Answered May 04, 2011
Thats the same thing my friends and family said. And thank you.
Abrii May 04, 2011
its true.gangs have rules and you never sell your gang out
True, True
Abrii May 04, 2011
If your friends and family are in the gang, why would you need a second family?
im saying thats what it is like.for me.not foor her.
do what you want, don't listen to these people, they have no idea what kind of gang you are thinking of joining, and asking this question you should know that everbody is biased one way or another, one person will say "DO IT!! IT'S AWESOME" and another will say "DON'T DO IT! IT'S TERRIBLE!!" when I need to make a personal, life changing decision, I consult myself, and my morals.
Answered May 04, 2011
i totally agree .
loveya Jul 22, 2011
Actually You Dont have To Get Fuxked In Only Jumped In Or Fouqht In By A Girl In a Different Ganq Like I Did Because Nobody That Was In The Ganq I Was Getinq In Didnt Want To Fiqht Me.
Answered Sep 23, 2011
what gang are you in? I dont know any gang that would be scared to fight. I know like hell tht I wldnt be.. bt I ws gunna join west side crips so I either had to get jumped in or the otha 1. so yeahh
Abrii Sep 26, 2011

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