What has happened between the two of us?

I was over her house recently to hang out with her brother. The first few hours that I was there, she kept looking at me the way she normally did. She also seemed hesitant around me like usual. When it was time for dinner, things became quite different. For once, we were both starting to become comfortable around each other. She talked to me a lot more and we were actually having brief conversations. I was initially pleased with this because I was hoping that we could finally talk. I figured she was too because her friends had been encouraging this.

Not long after this, I began to feel like things were going awry, When I was off with her brother, I could hear her talking to one of her friends on the computer. At one point I heard her say "I thought he was high" and soon after about something ending. Granted, the latter could have been them talking about their favorite show which was coming on later. However, I figured the former might have been about the way I had been acting differently.

After going off with her brother for a bit we both agreed to play a few card games with her and their mom. When we went to go get them, she still seemed relaxed and was talking to me more jokingly. This showed even more so when we began playing games. Once again, things seemed to be fine at first. Then we switched games. It was a trivia game that I never played before and I felt out of my element. She was really upbeat and laughing real loud, but not because of me. I tried to regain composure, though I didn't know what to say. When I did say something, it rarely got the reaction I expected. We briefly went back to the first game, but this didn't improve anything.

Soon after, the aforementioned show came on and (surprisingly) we all started watching it. Unfortunately, I never really saw the show before, so I still barely said a word. Her parents occasionally glanced over at me like they expected to me do something. At that point though, I was starting to become very tired. It didn't help that a couple of times she made comments to her parents about how good looking two of the guys are. I was also able to get it out there that I never saw the show and didn't understand most of it (mainly because her dad felt the same way). She seemed to understand, but it felt awkward to me especially when she began to focus more on her dad. I briefly recovered when were commenting on a noise we heard outside and she briefly focused on me. The last I saw of her that night, we were alone and I said "excuse me" to get by, but she barely reacted.

She still looked at me from time to time, but this was more like a passing glance. In the past she would show other signs such as: look at me more (mostly when I’m not looking at her and sometimes while giggling), mimic me (which she was still doing, but it didn't feel the same), ask people she knows questions about me, show concern for me if she thinks I’m in trouble (ex. if I have a bad cough), her friends act differently around me, sometimes she blushes around me, react when I would say "I love...", etc. She was also starting to smile at me more.

She had been open around me in the past, but would still barely say anything to me. Some days she would also barely notice me. Talking about other guys with family or friends had happened in the past as well. Although back then, she would tell her friends that she just liked those guys for their looks and still really liked me. Most of what went wrong that night isn't really new, it was just more prominent. The previous time I was there, I wasn't in a good mood and came off as though I developed an attitude. Before, she went out to see her friends, I could even hear her crying a little. This probably didn't help things.
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Asked May 01, 2011
this seems abit new to me but maby it's a 'complicated' relationship in a positive way
Answered May 01, 2011
Can you explain?

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