I hate my best friend but I love him at the same time?

not long ago, my best friend told me he's had sex with a girl he's known for 1 week!
i really hate the fact that he can do that with a girl after a week when i've never even kissed a girl!!-.-
what can I do? if there is anything I can do-.- help?
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Asked Apr 29, 2011
There's nothing you can do to undo sex. Once it's done, it's done.

The only thing you can do when a friend does something foolish is help them understand why. He just needs to learn that he gets to make his own choices and he gets to live with the consequences of what he does. Beyond that, that's all you can do.
Answered Apr 29, 2011
thanks :)
but what can I do about the jealousy? I hate feeling like this-.-
If you're jealous, there's more to this than just being friends. It then becomes a communication problem. He either doesn't look at you in a romantic way or thinks you aren't interested. You should also consider the possibility that the story was made up to get you into a competitive mood if he's a manipulator.
Rob Apr 29, 2011
no, he's not lying-.- he really like him, and I felt physically sick when he told me that he's done it:(
but the part I hat is that he can get a girl to do that with him after knowing her for a week, when i've never even kissed a girl in the whole 14 years of my life-.-
do you get what I mean?
in simpler terms, i'm jealous of him-.- he's good with the girls and that's why I hate him:'(
and he's straight.
I used to have jealousy issues. To work through it, I retrained myself to be really happy for the other person every time I felt that twinge of jealousy. It might sound silly, but it really worked for me, and helped me become a happier person. Also, it helped to think of the things I'm grateful to have in my life.

Another thing... you could ask him for tips...
Answered Apr 29, 2011
this seems to be a issue with jealousy and to admit its not that hard to handle just forget about the whole thing even happened or just be happy for him because he is your friend but don't worry your turn will come soon enough
Answered Apr 30, 2011

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