How do I forget some1 I used to love?

so me n this girl used to go out, now I really don't care who she with or anything like that, but I think about her alot, is that normall, it's been a while since we broke up , n she's clearly over me as well...
Asked Apr 28, 2011
It's neither abnormal nor unusual to think about people in your past. Try to understand why it didn't work with her. People that don't do that often relive the same experience with someone else in the future.
Answered Apr 28, 2011
It is actually really normal. More than likely she thinks about you too. I still think about my exZ especially when something reminds me of them. Even if you are over her and she is over you it doesn't mean that all the memories you share have completely vanished from your mind.
Answered Apr 28, 2011
thanx that helps...except that I get angry every time I c her...ugh, she hurt me more n I dnt apreciate it, o well life goes on rite
verlynn May 31, 2011
Ah, that's why... sound's like you're over her, but not over the anger and hurt...
if you simply want to forget her , I dont think you should . the memories might bring back hurt and tears , but its something that made you stronger . and also , never regret something that once made you smile .
Answered Jul 14, 2011
I understand how you feel I am trying to get over that hard time like you but I think you should focus on something different, something new. You can take piano lessons or cooking lessons so you can improve yourself. I don't know maybe you should adopt a pet it really makes you busy and you can get her out of your head. I am reading books when he slips my mind and when I find myself thinking about him I just find another thing to think. Try it. I am sure you will get over her !
Answered Jul 27, 2011

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