Immigration to Canada

I wish to know what are my chances. I’m living in Moldova Republic. I’m 25 and I have a Bachelor degree in International Economic Relations. I worked for american company here in Moldova as a Customer Service Representative ( for 4 years and I’ve been working as a travel agent for another american company (International Travel Network) for almost 1 year now. My fiance is 23 and she has a Bachelor degree in Business and Administration. Now she takes a Master’s Degree in Banks and Finances. She’s been working in a bank for almost a year. I wish to know what are our changes to immigrate. What program should we select?
Asked Apr 26, 2011
Probably any question you have about immigrating to Canada would be on their immigration web site.
Answered Apr 26, 2011
Yes, thank you, but I would like to know how to immigrate to english part of Canada as I don't speak French at all
No matter where you reside in the country after you immigrate, you will have to comply with the standards defined on that web site. Those are the standards for the Nation fo Canada. It is multi-cultural and, to my knowledge doesn't have different rules depending on the language you speak.
Rob Apr 26, 2011
Do I have to pay on that website?
Just visit the site. The information is in English and pertains to the entire country. The information is free. Check it out for yourself.
A friend let me know that anyone who invests $500,000 in a Canadian business gets automatic citizenship (that's what he's doing). Good to know if you happen to have that kind of cash laying around...
Answered Apr 26, 2011
Edited Apr 26, 2011

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