Im so scared to have sex with a boy.

I have sex with girls but I never had sex with a boy. I know it will hurt the first time and im soo scared. What if im bad at it? what if I rip my vigina? I dont know what to do. I know most of you will say wait till im married. BUt I dont want my hubby to think im bad at sex so I need to practice while im young.
Asked Apr 25, 2011

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The answer is simple. Don't do it until you you feel comfortable with the idea and choose a guy with some understanding and concern for you. It isn't a skill that you need to practice like kicking extra points. If both of you care a lot for each other that's all you'll need to make it work.
Answered Apr 25, 2011
Look, I can count all they guys I've had sex with on one hand and have more left-over fingers than used ones. My fiance acts like he won the friggin' lottery. Lack of experience can be an even bigger asset than "practice." Besides, when you're in a mature, stable, monogamous relationship with someone who loves and respects you, then you'll enjoy getting to know each other and that'll be a wonderful aspect of your relationship. Plus, every partner is different, so there's no practice that makes sense. And too--from what I understand--meaningless sex doesn't even feel as good as loving sex.

You're not going to rip your vagina. As long as you're scared, don't do it. Wait.
Answered Apr 25, 2011
Do what you normally do with sex with girls. But in this case, the guy should be the one who does everything. Now I don't know much because i've only had sex with my girlfriend. If you're afraid of ripping your vagina, then use enough lube to make sure it doesn't get dry. And make sure his penis isn't too big. It will hurt when he slides in and out a couple times but after that, it will be pleasurable. If you have used dildos for sex with girls, then it'd be the same except you have an actual penis. Make sure you use a condom, make sure he doesn't control you in the sex to the point where you don't want it, but he rapes you.

You don't really need to practice at sex, if your partner truly loves you, he will go with you every step of the way in your relationship to make sure both you, and him will enjoy what you two have with each other. If you are scared, tell him. And he should be willingly to not do it till you're ready. Compromise is pretty important.
Answered Apr 25, 2011
Trust me, if your bf loves you, he won't care if your bad at sex. Just do what toucan to the best of your extent and try to be spontaneous. Guys love that!
Answered Dec 29, 2011
Find someone you trust and give it a try. Make sure you use condoms though... unprotected sex is risky business. And have the guy use an antibacterial penis health creme as well. This will ensure that he doesn't pass any bacteria to you during other sex acts like oral that are usually performed without a condom. This bacteria can lead to odors and infections. Hope this info helps and good luck.
Answered Jun 08, 2017

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