What exactly is a "wannabee"?

what does wannabee mean?
Asked Apr 25, 2011

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the term "wannabee" is a word used to describe people that display themselves as gangsters, thugs or bikers at a young age usually from the age of 10 to 19 you will oftenfind them wearing a certain set of sporting cloths and rat tails or frizzbacks as a hair style the common brands you would find these people wearing would be:

1. adidas

they would only wear adidas shorts or pants as a sign of power to the weak they would also wear a white hat either a adidas or canabree with black trim

2. cannabree

this is a common brand for a wannabee to wear unless they are a true sportsmen with the need of these clothing materials wannabees would wear these to show they want to be something they are not as apposed to a gang or thug group these people will wear a sports bum bag in the wrong places instead of wearing it on there waist they would near there chest or back they will also obviously wear the cannabree shorts, shirt or pants and shoes with either the brands : cannabree, adidas and nikes (only air max the wannabees would wear or no brand) people who wear air jordans or air forces are people you would see playing basketball true sportsmenship not thugs

if they are not wearing these clothings you could tell who they are based on how they behave they would use alot of slang and words to insult people based on there culture.
Answered Apr 25, 2011
A "wannabe" is someone who tries (and usually fails) to give others the impresssion they have a position or ability they really don't have.
Answered Apr 25, 2011

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