Who here thinks the world would actually end in 2012

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Asked Apr 11, 2011
Dans la bible il est mentionné que la fin arrivera un vendredi.
Et d'aprés les signes du coran la fin du monde sera aussi un vendredi, Si on vérifie quel jour on a pour les 3 dates les plus préoccupantes voici le résultat:
28 OCTOBRE 2011 (1ère date de fin du calendrier MAYA) ça tombe un VENDREDI
11 novembre 2011 (date de fin du calendrier INCAS - une nouvelle date préoccupante) ça tombe un VENDREDI
21 décembre 2012 (2ème date de fin du calendrier MAYA) ça tombe un VENDREDI.
On peut craindre avec raison ces 3 dates mais rassurons nous ... il y a un VENDREDI à chaque semaine... mais curieuse coîncidence quand même...

Answered Apr 11, 2011
French to English translation of the above answer via google translate:

In the Bible it is mentioned that the end will come on a Friday.

And after the signs of the Koran will be the end of the world as a Friday, If we check what day it was for the 3 dates of greatest concern here is the result:
October 28, 2011 (1st end date of Mayan calendar) it falls on a Friday
November 11, 2011 (end date calendar INCAS - a new date Concern) that falls on a Friday

December 21, 2012 (2nd end date of Mayan calendar) it falls on a Friday.

We may have reason to fear these 3 dates but reassure us ... there is a weekly Friday ... curious coincidence, but still ...
Rob Apr 11, 2011
the bible says noone not even jesus only God knows the day we dont know its a friday
Answered Oct 21, 2011
I honestly do not know that no1 knows when the world will end not even the angles in heaven know only god does just because someone says it will doesnt mean it will I mean the world could end right now are in 5 seconds are in 8 years no1 knows
Answered Dec 11, 2012
I survived it ;) anyway, it was just a silly conspiracy theory. The world was meant to end many of times, but I don't reckon any human could predict when the world was going to end. And the world needs a reason to end, it can't just break down or lose gravity or explode.
Answered Jun 05, 2013

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