Are punks still alive?

Asked Apr 08, 2011
The anti-establishment way of thinking is still alive and well but the punk look and music have seen much better days. One of the delimmas with movements that promote "do your own thing" is, once it catches on and everybody starts copying each other, the individualism disappears. When everybody looks like they came off an assembly line, they're no longer individualists.
Answered Apr 08, 2011
Edited Apr 08, 2011
Answered Apr 08, 2011
You made it sound like they're a species! Punk is a social movement. Over time they disappear from society because the music genre comes of the scene, but I'm pretty sure there are still people who are punks.
Answered Apr 04, 2013
Well you are talking to a half-punk so, yeah I am pretty shure they are alive but listen to allie I mean, you sound kinda racist or something like that.
Answered Apr 04, 2013
well, i'm alive..!! so hell ya!
Answered May 06, 2013

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