Wat kind of boy friend is he

well my x boyfriend he never told any one we whent out so he told my cusin that he ganna beat my ass so wat and the day we broke up I met this boy name micheal and he likes me I like him and he is coming 2 the parrk today so im afraid 2 ask him out wat should I do
Asked Apr 06, 2011
Not one I'd want to see with anyone I know. If he actually did say "he ganna beat [your] ass" that shouldn't be taken lightly, even if he was just "fronting." *If* he said that, that's so not cool.
Answered Apr 06, 2011
i know right dud he told my cusin and my cusin told me
I'm not there and I can't see what's going on, but it sounds like you should steer clear of him. That's not going down.
well I knoe whoo ur tlkin bout cuz u mii niqqa nd john aint cunna do nun cuz I qot yo bck swatty nd u mii niqa nd I aint qanna let no one touch u nd if u nd michel lyke each other than qo foe it!!!!
Answered Apr 08, 2011

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