What should I do or tell this boy, he asked me to dance.

Sorry, I know this is pretty long.
Last night, I went to my first social(maybe the last one of the year), it's like a dance party for junior high. Me and my friends had decided at school before the social that I would ask him to dance and later kiss him on the lips. I know that wouldn't be right since the guy is supposed to ask and kiss first. But then, later at the social the friend that I was talking to encouraged him to ask me to slow dance. And when I saw him coming towards me and my friend, I walked away because I was too nervous. But everyone that was outside the door tried to push me back in the gym, boys and girls... how weird. Then, later, he came up to me and asked while I was right in the middle of ALL of my friends and I just felt like I didn't know how to dance, and all of my friends were trying so hard to make me say yes, they were even pushing us close together, because they know I like him and somewhere it came out that he likes me. So I told him I don't want to dance. But about 5 minutes later I told him I like you but I don't want to dance. (Exact words) This way I was trying to make sure he knows I do like him, but I just didn't want to dance. So then a slow song was played again and my friend thought she heard the DJ say For Travis One More Time(Travis is the guy) ( I think it was one time by Justin Bieber) And then me and my friend wanted to request a few songs, so we were right next to the speakers and this time I heard it. For Travis one more time. I think the DJ had said that 3 times for Travis. Then I felt worse and worse because a lot of my friends were slow dancing to these songs with boys they don't even like, just friends. I felt so awful. Back to school on monday in study hall sitting next to Travis, what do you think I should do?
Asked Apr 02, 2011
Tell him that you get nervous when there's a group of your friends chattering about what you are doing but you're sure you wouldn't be nervous at all if he asked you to go to the movies with him. :-)
Answered Apr 02, 2011
Wow, thanks so much for reading all of that! I wasn't nervous because of my friends though, I had really bad butterflies because of Travis, not my friends. Last night, I went to my friend's to sleep over. One of them told me that she told Travis " Just hold her and everything will fall into place."( When he came and asked me to dance.) So she said he did what she told him to do. I guess this happened when I was pushed close to him :) But, I didn't notice! Apparently he came closer to me and held me when I was pushed into him. But what looks bad is that when I was pushed, I had my hands up by my chest, so it looked like I pushed him away! I didn't, but I hope he knows that I didn't.
Hatrat Apr 03, 2011
My suggestion is that you and Travis learn to deal with each other and leave your friends out of it. A romance is a personal bond between two people that doesn't work well when engineered by a group of your friends.

Being young and inexperienced at relationships is enough pressure on a guy his age. When he learns that he has to meet the expectations of a group of females, he usually finds something else to do. I can't speak for Travis but at least that's what I would do.
Rob Apr 03, 2011
Thanks, that's the advice I got from a serial dater I know... It's very helpful, I appreciate your help. P.S., He's a little down on the inside, but he talked to me in study hall today, I asked him if he was mad at me. He smirked friendly and shoke his head no. I just kind of regret saying no because I know he was probably going to ask me out. And if he wasn't, I still would've been in his arms. But there's another social coming up later, hope he'll ask me again!
Hatrat Apr 04, 2011
go dance and have fun
Answered Nov 13, 2013

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