Can I be pregnant if . . .?

Last night me & my boyfriend were lying on the couch & he had his hand on my stomach & then he got into my pants & fingered me for like a few seconds. He had washed his hands twice that day & the last time he had was a few minutes before he did that & his hands had been where I could see them. So could I be pregnant?
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Anonymous User
Asked Apr 01, 2011
Only if his "finger" had a couple of testicles attached to the bottom. What's the date today? :-)
Answered Apr 01, 2011
Edited Apr 01, 2011
I dont think you could become pregnant if you get fingered. N Lol I agree with Rob.
Answered Apr 01, 2011
I've been expecting an "April Fool" behind that question.
Rob Apr 01, 2011
Sorry.. I'm just paranoid.
Oh my bad.
You can only get pregnant from sex. Ya know, when he puts his dick into you and he cums inside of your vagina. You can never, EVER get pregnant from him fingering you. Don't worry about swallowing cum either. You can't get pregnant from that either.
Answered Apr 02, 2011
Clarification... You don't have to have actual intercourse to get pregnant. Sperm are pretty good swimmers, so make sure seminal fluid doesn't get anywhere NEAR your vaginal area... and especially not onto fingers that he inserts into you or get near the area. Even use condoms for blow jobs. No glove, no love. ;-)
Nope, pregnant free!
Answered Apr 04, 2011

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