Confused about what to do?

im really confused basically. im bisexual and my girlfreind has showed no sign's of doing anything for me on my birthday at all is she going to dump me?she is usaully so romantic holding my hand taking me out to the movies or dinners or just spending time with me. I know she is coming up to doing her exams but still its so strange.

and im still a virgin and she isnt . im scared that she has had enough of me waiting we have been together for a year and six months and we have slept in the same bed but im just so scared she says its ok but deep down is she annoyed?

i feel im ready to go all the way with her. I want her so badly when she touches me it sends tingles down my spine. and when we aint together I feel lost with out her.btw my birthday is in a week!
Asked Mar 30, 2011
ok wow babe first thing's first why are you awake when you have an exam tommoro.second thing is im defonatly not dumping you.and as long as your happy im happy im not going to pressure you into something you dont want. I would wait years if I had to because just having you is enough abbie.and I know that in these last to weeks I havent been with you lately but I havent forgotten aboutt you.and if it will makes you feel better ill phone you in abit ok babe.i promise after may things will go back to normal ok. and I havent forgotten about your birthday.xx
Answered Mar 30, 2011
ok bbe.and I know it seems like its been months since I last kissed your lips.aww why are you always so romantic with me.and oh yes it's a maths exam so you can help me revise in the morning if thats ok with you nel nel.and yes can you call me in about 10 mins bbe? xxxx<3xxxx
abbie_ Mar 30, 2011
yeah yeah babe ill help you.and I know im missing my kisses :( do you want me to walk to school with you tommoro?and ok babe ill call you when im finished ok.xx
ok bbe and finish what? and yessss walk withh me tommoro come early though I want to show you something.and why the sad face :(?xxx<3 are you anybgood at the power of three nel nel? xx
abbie_ Mar 30, 2011
ermm I need to finish that art drawing of us in that field holding hands.and does this require me coming like 20 mis early babe.and im sad cos I need some of those kisses abbs!:(and yeah im good at it I have my notes so you can borrow them if you want?and is it your leavers dress you want to show me?xxx
oh my god babe you still have that picture.its from when e first got together!and yeah come early cos I want to give you some of those kisses!and thanks a million babes I dont think I would have been able to cope without your notes!and yes its my prom dress how did you know?xx<3xx
abbie_ Mar 30, 2011

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