Am I a good guy to date?

I'm 14 and I'm 5 foot 4. I'm a funny relaxed guy with brown hair and brown eyes. I'm not over weight and plan on being a doctor. I have tons of friends and I'm really nice. I'm just asking this because most of the girls I dated so far use me to get back with their ex and it hurts. Also I'm not posting a pic because I'm not gonna like reveal myself to people that I don't know lol. But yeah I would appreciate it if someone commented thanks!
Asked Mar 28, 2011
Edited Mar 28, 2011
You sound like you are a very nice man. I'm 14 and single too, trying to find the right guy.
You'll probably do really well dating in college when you've got a larger population of compatible, focused, ambitious girls to meet. In high school it's pretty thin pickings because most girls are looking for fun and popularity. In college, intelligence and career aspirations matter more because we begin to think about longevity over thrills.
Answered Apr 08, 2011
Edited Apr 08, 2011
yeah you sound pretty cool, you sound chill and a really cool person to be around, but maybe the other girls you have been with use you to show there ex that they can find something better, just wait and see the right girl will come around when you least expect it.
Answered Mar 28, 2011
I think that you sound like a wonderful guy to date. Trust me I have been used before and it doesnt really feel good. I have dated a lot of guys in my past and none of them have the qualities that you do. trust me any girl would be lucky to have you!
Answered Mar 29, 2011
Thank you :)
you'rre very welcome
Abrii Mar 29, 2011
like you said your 14, if your a fun guy to be around, enjoy ursel and study on becoming a doctor not many people your age no what they want to do!! If the right girl is out there she will come around at the right time in the mean time keep your chin up and dont let them see your annoyed. your the better person you sound like a wee diamond lol good luck x
Answered Mar 29, 2011
Thanks :P
Answered Apr 08, 2011
u r still young, haha
Answered Jan 24, 2013
Hey I'm 13 u should great just like my crush (13) u r still young u sound like such a lovely person
Answered Dec 16, 2013
Oh my gosh, the spelling and grammar on this is absolutely horrid.
I am single too with brown eyes and brown hair. But yeah don't blame you for your exes. I think that it will hurt but if they break up with you then it is not meant to be. Yes I have dated two people one was on and off and the other was my best friend. Can't say it hurt but I am still looking for that guy. I am 14 year old girl but we have a whole life ahead of us to try and find the one.
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Answered Aug 06, 2015
What school?
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