Am I a good singer?

I know you cant really answer this question. My friends all say I am a really good singer and that. Sometimes though I feel I suck at singing and I should just give up. My voice sometimes goes from being really low to high. Then it doesnt go down until 2 hours later or so. I dont know if I strained it or something. I like to sing and I am in choir. What do I do?
Asked Mar 28, 2011
Edited Apr 09, 2011
Develop a good ear for pitch, a good feel for timing, a quality appearence and presentation and who knows?" Some day we may be able to say we knew you way back when you went by the stage name, "Anonymous User." :-)

Answered Mar 28, 2011
Edited Mar 28, 2011
rob you answer 2 evrie one ?s
At the time this was answered (13 days ago) there was no answer. Put yours up.
Rob Apr 10, 2011
Sometimes you dont know how you sound. what helps is if you get a camcorder and record your voice. sometimes it helps to show you if you are good or not.
Answered Mar 28, 2011
this is just me but in my opinion if singing is a passion or something that you love doing then keep doing it no matter what and keep working at it because all you can do is improve
Answered Apr 08, 2011
if thats ur dream tha be a sinqer or if u think ur qood nd others ppl do than never qive up the more u do it the better u qet
Answered Apr 08, 2011
ok I know thats right girlly
maybe your voice is breaking kinda like justin beibers!!!!! just WAY WAY WAY better!!! jokes, you will be amazing
Answered Nov 30, 2011
record urself put it on youtube send the link to strangers or put it as ur fb status and get em to comment :)
Answered May 12, 2013
Sorry I rap homie, but I do like R&B :D
Answered Jun 01, 2013
Practice well...
Answered Jul 17, 2014

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