How would you make deserts cooler?

Asked Mar 27, 2011
On first reading, my thought was, "Just put it in the refrigerator" then I noticed there was only one "s" in desert. :-)

Deserts are hot and arid because historical weather patterns have dried out the topsoil and removed the nutrients from the surface. Once the vegetation is gone, all of the sun's energy is absorbed into the ground heating and cooling it faster than an area with vegetation.

In some areas, if you could replace the topsoil and build an irrigation system so that vegetation would grow you could possibly change the weather pattern. At least trees would provide shade and the vegetation would absorb some of the energy and hold the topsoil in place.

In other areas however, there are natural reasons for why the desert exists. The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile is on the edge of the Pacific and you can see rain clouds offshore but they never get close enough for the rain to fall on land because the height of the Andes mountains farther inland block the winds that would otherwise bring the rain ashore. To change that weather pattern you would have to literally move mountains.

Answered Mar 27, 2011
KC13 Mar 27, 2011
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Cooled air is blown inside the room by the exhaust fan fitted on the cooler and thus the room temperature drops making the ambiance inside comfortable.
The main parts of the cooler are:
1) Fan
2) Pump with water distribution flexible pipe lines
3) Porous pads normally made of special grass or shavings of synthetic material and a box made of steel sheets on which the above mentioned items are mounted securely.

This lower part of the box also serves as water tank of the cooler.
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Answered Mar 13, 2018

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