I'm litterally in love with this girl but I dont know if she likes me back?

So i've liked this girl for about a year and a half. We have some classes together. so about a week ago, (this is not the girl) my friend started acting lesbian and touching me and say she loves me but she says she's only kidding. so then I was with that friend and a couple others and she goes up to the girl I like and tells her something but I dont hear. then the girl I like comes up to me a says hi and touches my arm. I freak out because she scared me and she starts laughing. sometimes in class she smiles at me and I smile back.
she walks with me to some classes at school. one day while we were walking she asks me if I think she pretty and I go yea why. she says she doesnt want to be pretty because of people bother her. I told her to not listens to them that their just jealous and she smiled at me and sat down. she also tazers me with her fingers(softly)in my ribs in class when she walks by. and I dont have a fb or cell phone either because of mom. what should I do? does she like me?
Asked Mar 23, 2011
go for it and telll hem or her how you feeel!!!!lol!
that is the best thing to doo at this das!!!:)
liz1205 Mar 24, 2011
She may like you the only way to find out is this ask her on April's fools day and if she's like eww I don't like you be like April's fools day , that's the only way but I think she may like you though good luck :D
Answered Mar 24, 2011
She likes you
Answered Sep 02, 2017

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