I want to get rid of my pubic hair, any tips

I think my pubic hair is so gross, I want rid of it. I have seen other girls in the locker room after swimming and they look so cool without any, but I'm afraid to ask them. Anyone out there have any tips on how to start?.
Thanks. (:
Asked Mar 22, 2011
I think that you should not bother shaving it the best thing to get rid of pubic hair is hair removal cream it should do the trick :)
Answered Mar 22, 2011
The girls in the locker room probably get Brazilian waxes. Those can hurt, but there's something called "No Scream Cream" that you can put on 30-45 minutes before the waxing appointment. It helps reduce the ouch factor.

If you shave, it might sting and burn and be really uncomfortable as the bluntly-chopped hair grows and pushes its way back through the surface or your skin. That's happened to me before with the hair removal creams too. That tends not to happen with wax.
Answered Mar 22, 2011
Another, cheaper alternative is sugaring. I'm going to try this. (I just hate shaving for some reason. Don't know why...) Anyway, these are two of the most helpful videos & info I found for myself:

The first video on the page shows you how to cheaply make the sugar "wax" and the second shows you how to remove hair with it.
lol well...i just shave it darling, wen im in the shower...so much simpler and cheap lol

Answered May 16, 2011

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