I like this girl and she kinda likes me but she wants to wait to date

So I'm 16 and I like this girl I got her number and we started talking a lot and her friends told me she liked me me and I asked her bout and she said she did but she wants to wait to date. About a week later she says she likes me more as a friend now but maybe overtime she wanna date. My question is how do I get out of the friend zone and how long should I wait?
Asked Mar 20, 2011
I find that all guys have to go through a certain stage of friend zone before they can go out with a girl, we have all been in your shoes... The fact is she is scared about getting into a relationship, you have to to try and change her mind without being too keen about it. Here's what you do: take her out (not on a date) but just two friends hanging out, then try and sway her by being flirtatious but don't make it seem like you have one thing on your mind, show her why she should like you! But you have to play it cool, make it seem like you will still have a life with out her in the picture. It will only make her want you more
If she really likes you, you'll get out of the friend zone faster by ignoring her and becoming a challenge than by chasing her. If she doesn't respond when you back off, it's not going anywhere so the wait is over.
Answered Mar 21, 2011
Don't waste your time. She is too immature to say no in a polite manner, and she is dragging you on. I dunno for me I take the revenge route of calling her out for it, but it isn't a very healthy thing to do. So just let her know how you feel, let her know that you won't be dragged around waiting for an answer on how she feels at that time. You can get out of the friend zone by simply telling her that, and then cutting off the friendship. This person is toxic , and isn't worth your time. Stringing you along like this is the most dishonest thing a person can do to you.
Answered Oct 05, 2011
Edited Oct 05, 2011
Right now shes not ready I guess.. cuz shes waiting right? Try asking her if she wants to hangout or something, youll be surprised what can happen.. you could ask her to go to a movie, to make a move on her.. or just out to lunch or dinner or w.e (idk how old you are) um.. or just invite her over to chill get to know her more and bond over w.e you two have in common.. and if you dont just yknow. be yourself, and work with what you got to charm her.. its just time that you have to go through to see if it will all work out..
spend time together!
Answered Feb 08, 2013
show her if you were her bf how'd you make her feel
Answered Nov 20, 2013

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