How would you stop terrorism in a country?

Asked Mar 20, 2011
I think we can learn a lot about controlling terrorism from the history of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States many years ago. The Klan was made up of people who were respected in their local communities. It used religious beliefs to justify the terror it instilled in the minds of blacks. Every photo you see of their leaders they are holding a Bible and standing by a cross.

While the efforts of the courts and the government played an important part, it was the loss of support within the local white communities that put them out of business. The white population came to the realization that what was going on was morally wrong and had no place in their religion. My first step in stopping terrorism would be to educate the world to the fact that belonging to and supporting a group, religious or otherwise that perpetrates an organized injustice against others makes you as guilty as the person that commits the actual act.

Just to be clear, "organized injustice" includes any act that deprives a person of their basic human rights whether it be to take their life or confine them to a refugee camp. What I'm saying is we all need to unload the baggage we've inherited from our ancestors and move the survival of mankind up the list ahead of nationalism and religion. Until becoming a good human being is more important than being a good Christian, Muslim or Jew, the insanity will continue.
Answered Mar 21, 2011

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