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My wife has been in contact with another person for quite sometime as I had to travel a lot. I know the person's IP address but not his disguised mail ID. I am sure that my wife and this person has been exchanging email. I want to find out the other email ID of my wife and the email exchanges. Can I find out the email exchanges? ( I know the IP address of the other man as well as ours)
Asked Mar 16, 2011
Email addresses and IP addresses are two different things. SMTP email clients (like Outlook Express) and HTML email (like Yahoo, Gmail et al) work entirely different ways. The only way you can do what you're trying to do is to know what service she's using, her user name and password. You might be able to identify what service she's using by entering the IP address in the address bar of your browser but you can't get into her account that way.
Answered Mar 16, 2011
Thanks Rob! I feel horrible to ask for advise this way. After my work it is ridiculous to investigate these things. I know that she has a yahoo id as I was trying to sign up for my online TESCO account and the computer prompted me with an unusual yahoo ID and this made me suspicious.
prince Mar 17, 2011
welll once you've got the IP address of the other person
you can hack into his email then his computer
get all the information you want
his email passowrd the data on his computer
and you can monitor the chats between him and your wife
you just need to be familiar with Hacking tools!
im sorry man I know how that is and you should've paid attention to the things that matters the most but once u know she's cheating tell her that straight to her face and see where will it leads you both
Answered Mar 19, 2011
Thanks! This man also has a disguised ID. I know that he is not using the normal ID that he gave in his Linkedin address - that is how I caught them. I did tell/ask her straight and she said that she will be more careful! When I tracked history from my laptop, it showed yahoo log ins but several times. I think I must research on hacking tools. Dont know whether this can lead into problems..... Thanks again!
prince Mar 24, 2011

Is he cheating you on his Phone? Does he text and call at all times? Do you want to know your partner's caller??
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