How DO I Get Possession of the car? Please help anyone that knows for sure how?

I bought a jeep when I got my diriver's licence at 17 years old. My dad had to put me on his insurance because I was underage. Me and my dad both co-own the jeep. I paid my dad 850 dollars for the jeep. After a car accident with the jeep, My dad got me a used car with the insurance money. I drove the car my senior year of high school. I moved out at 18 years old on my birthday to get away from my parents. I drive the car to college now. After I moved out, I released my name off of the jeep title. My dad is not paying for my college at all. He wants nothing to do with me. My dad will not sign the papers to release his name off the title of the used car. I am 19 years old now. Can I get in trouble with the law? I have no proof. My dad treated me very bad upuntil I moved out. Can my dad sue me, or can I sue him to get possession of the car? Can that ruin my credit? What should I do? any legal addvice here? Lawyers? Anyone please help!!
I dont want to deal with him anymore.
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Asked Mar 15, 2011
Edited Mar 17, 2011
I'm confused. The last time, you said you were driving the car, now you're asking about possession. If the car is financed and he co-signed, they can collect from either or both of you. If your name is on the title and the vehicle is legal (tags, inspections, insurance etc.) you can drive it. Otherwise you can't. If either of you contests any of the above, you can file suit and waste more money than the price of another used car.
Rob Mar 18, 2011
The fact that his name is on the title with yours means he owns as much of the car as you do. You can't just have his name removed any more than he could have yours taken off the title. If the issue can't be resolved by agreement, the only possible thing a court could do would be to sell the vehicle and split the money between the two of you, less both of your legal fees. Since you now have use of the vehicle and he doesn't, I'd suspect that would penalize you a lot more than him.

Under these circumstances, your best choice might be to drive it as long as you can.
Answered Mar 16, 2011

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