How cum everytime I try to log on facebook on my ipod, it logs right out?¿

On my iPod , I changed my password and eversince it's been doing this
Asked Mar 14, 2011

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it just will log out so wen someone else gets on facebook on there they wont go on urs u should be happy bout that cuz say if u lost it and u still was logged in they will just be on it and u will never be aloud bak on it so chill
Answered Mar 15, 2011
i know right thats wat I hate about pepole lol
wow she retarded no offense to cheyenne lol hhahha!!!
tara13 Mar 15, 2011
Not as retarded as u and alot taken so shud up
thats very funny wow thats crazzy wat peopole do
Answered Mar 15, 2011

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