Is it ok for a 13 year old to be attracted to the same gender?

i feel awkward asking this. im 13 and ive found tht I guess im a little attracted to other girls. I mean, werent we girls made to like boys, NOT othr grls! ITS HUMAN NATURE!!!!!!!
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Asked Mar 10, 2011
no it is not ok cuz you are way too little for that. and I know it will be okwared cuz I see othere peole do it dont mess up your life cuz I am 13 too and I dont even do thaat
Well sometimes you think your straight until one girl comes into your life and you start thinking she's cute or you just start thinking girls are cute but its okay to be attracted to the same sex.
Answered Mar 10, 2011
mk thnx :)
You are correct that nature intends males and females to be attracted to each other. That's evident from the way our bodies are made. Whether it's Ok depends on your point of view.

There was a time when homosexual behavior was considered taboo in almost every area of society. In the past fifty years there has been an organized effort to make it acceptable with considerable success. People who support it believe it's your life so you should be able to do what you want. People who are opposed believe we should live by the laws of nature and our religious heritage.

My belief is it's Mother Nature's evolutionary way of dealing with an overpopulated world.
Answered Mar 11, 2011
well I don't rlly think we were made to like anyone in particular... that just might have something do with the fact that I am bisexual, but still. If you're in love, then you're in love. girl or boy doesn't really matter. and trust me, my point of veiw is helpful...I'm 13 to!!! XD
Answered Mar 14, 2011
It is completely normal for you to feel like this, every single person on this plnet has wondered about the same sex at least once and anyone who says diferent is lying to you. 13 is the average age that a person begins to wonder about their sexuality, I started at 12 and now I am completely happy in my own skin as I am certain of the fact I am bisexual. You will eventually figure out who and what you are, remember you don't have to label yourself. Also yes, it is natural to for you to be attracted to the same gender, no one knows why or how we were created for CERTAIN so how can one be sure that we girls were made to love men and vice versa? I wish you luck x
Answered Mar 14, 2011
Edited Mar 15, 2011
no dont play yo self like that
What the hell are you talking about?
I did not choose to be bisexual and niether did any other LGBT person there is (but mostly we are happy in our own skin) I love being bisexual as it is a part of me and it makes me a better person. I do not have one single homophobic, racist or genrally predujiced bone in my body because I don't see people as labels, I see people as people, there are nice ones and nasty ones but we are all still people. Being LGBT is COMPLETELY FINE who are you to tell me how "to play myself"?

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