What are the signs a bisexual girl likes you? I am in fact bi myself.

There is this girl who is bi and is currently going out with another girl who is infact bi and I myself is bi and its the three of us who are the only ones who are... guess what? Bi. They have fallen out with their friends. They are the only two in the school that know I am bi and I haven't told anyone else. She isn't my first girl and she knows that, but the other one was just a 'fling'. Note: they are each others first girl. I am the only one who knows EVERYTHING and I mean everything that they have done or are planning to do. They have kissed and thats it, but they are both sort of attention seekers so I am unsure whether it is real for the girl I like as she is really deep and she broke up with the other girl for a day and didn't know what she wanted. The other girl is really serious. I have heard signs that if they don't look you in the eye and if they touch (not in that way a hand on shoulder sort of thing) you then they like you or something,she has done both of these, but I need more signs and I need to know whether they are true. No-one seems to understand my story and so I need an understanding ear please!
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Asked Mar 08, 2011
I have the exact same problem.. kinda. I am bi ( and a girl) and I have two girlyfriends who r dating each other. I reall like them both but one I wouldn't relaly date because she is a played and doesn't really seem to know what she really wants. Anyway, the other girl seems to like me and she's kinda in a bad realationship with the player but they are still both very active. I don't know if I should move on or what.

The best answer I can have for you is to give her a hug and be girly. You can tell by the way a person hugs you if they are really interested in you or not. If you r being girly towards her.. there will tend to be a more touchy feelings and those touches can allow you take make a decision or not wether or not she will have a good chance of saying yes if you ask her if she does like you or not.
Answered Mar 10, 2011

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