She likes me, she likes me not.

I'm going out of my mind here.. seriously how can you tell if someone likes you, more then a friend! I don't know how to take how she's being with me and how we are together. I don't want to get the wrong impression only to be let down...
Asked Mar 05, 2011
You can't tell...u can feel it, its not words that a person can's all in the actions of each person! A look a cuddle, random acts of kindness that make u feel good!!!
I am a girl and it depends on her age. Different ages of different girls have different ways of shoing they like you. If I was her then I would like to be cuddled, not ignored and just all the basics really. Be careful not to over do it though
Answered Apr 05, 2011
were both 22 so ya know... we cuddle up in bed and hold hands, kiss, and other stuff. Thing is we dont live close my so its hard and it's hard to tell if she means things in a mate way or more....
Just ask her how she feels and if she doesn't tell you what you want to hear then except for what it is then move on, their loss.
Answered Sep 25, 2012
I am a girl and here are things to look for if she likes you...
-She smiles at you a lot
-she stares at you when you aren't looking
-she wants your help a lot
-she impresses you
-she sits near you at lunch
-she is shy around you
-she "apparently" bumps into you
-she whispers to her friends around you
-she blushes/gets hot when you are around
By the way, ask her friends if she likes you;) Hope this helps:)
Answered Oct 12, 2013
thank you. you acctally helped me with my problem
excelent info to tell if she likes you
Is it a boy or girl?
Answered Mar 05, 2011
Okay if she likes you she'll make lots of eye contact , hold your hand give excuses for touching you and she'll flirt with you of course if she isn't too shy.
curls Mar 06, 2011
yea we always hold hands in bed and lay there hugging. things have developed we kissed... and stuff, but she said it were fun. So now I think is she just after a bit of fun...
Just ask her straight out do you like me? Do you have feelings for me ? Ask one of those two and you'll find out the answer
curls Mar 06, 2011
Yea I just need to ask her but it's just finding the guts, and don't want her to go funny with me. I guess the only way to find out is to ask her, I mean the way we are sometimes I get the feeling she does.Then I think because I want it to happen am I just reading signals wrong way, afterall we are best friends
Honestly I would just ask. What's the worse thing that could happen if you ask. Them saying no?
Answered Apr 05, 2011
she dont talk to me no more?
why not??
Abrii Apr 05, 2011
dunno cos I told her I liked her and if she dont feel the same she might go off me
go off on you? dont you think you're over reacting? just a lil?
Abrii Apr 05, 2011
well no cos she might back off a bit if she know I like her - I dunno. Guess I just need to find the right time and ask her
ok I guess ur a adult, or teenager or whatever but, if she is giving u mixed signals ask her. do something.just flirt with her and just say it like this " I have a question for u.and I wanted to know if u like me" or whatever just ask her
Answered Sep 27, 2012
You tell her you like her and then ask her if she likes you.
Answered Mar 05, 2013
Im a girl so I would say just ask her if I got asked if I liked the boy I do like I would freak out for a couple of minutes then I would answer I got asked I said yea
Answered Nov 18, 2014

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