My Boyfriend Want's Sex From Me Is That All Men Think About?

My boyfriend is saying all the right things to me but I'm just not ready with him I want to take things slow. Is sex the only thing guys want in a girl??
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Asked Mar 01, 2011
Be clear with him that you're not ready to do that, and you're not going to be ready any time soon because you want to take it slow. If he pressures you, leave him. Don't do something you know you're not ready to do just to please someone else. You'll likely regret compromising yourself. If he wants to break up because you won't have sex, you're better off without him, even though it may hurt at first.
Answered Mar 01, 2011
I already told him im not ready but he keeps askin me wen r we gonna fuck over and over agina
haha! Naw honey I don't think that is ALL men think about but I do think that is one thing that they do think about a lot.
Answered Mar 01, 2011
But im not one of those gurls who get the ass then quiet the ass I really like him
In addition to skyDancer's comment, I would add that the absolute best way to tell whether a guy cares about you is whether he's willing to wait. If you lose a guy over sex, you are losing someone who only cares about himself.

There is more to what guys think about than sex. Don't forget food and sports. :-)

Answered Mar 02, 2011
If you don't want sex, then tell him. He should understand if he really loves you. And he shouldn't push you too far.

And no. That is not true. I have a girlfriend. We've had sex already but I know that if I never had sex with her that one time, i'd still be fine. As a 14 year old, my horny needs aren't very important. I don't need sex in my life but I am hooked to it. Yes I don't do it often but it's not very important.

With my girlfriend, I want the joy of having her around. How fun she can be, how cute her laugh is. How random she can get sometimes, how adorable she can get. Not all guys, want just sex. If you only know guys who do want sex, then consider me as one guy who doesn't need sex in his life. Not yet. Not till I want a baby.
Answered Apr 07, 2011
yea they always think bout sex stay virgin to u 18 years old
Answered Apr 24, 2011
they all do but not all of them because you are the one that have to say no ....and if you say no WILL is no then...let hem know what you think....thats all.......:)!i know how you feel and is not like we dont want to get them what they will be ok.....
Answered Jun 17, 2011
(hell yea)
Answered Jul 14, 2011
Some guys... yes. Just make sure you are ready and do not be pressured into it. And use condoms!... every single time. You should get your boyfriend to use an antibacterial penis health creme too because he can easily transfer bacteria to you via his penis. This can lead to odors or even an infection. I use one of these cremes and my girlfriend really appreciates it. I don't mean to be a downer... but sex can be risky so you better be prepared. Good luck to you.
Answered Aug 23, 2017

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