I have a 86 honda 350d and it wont start

86 350d was running fine then found trash in my tank took it off and cleaned it replaced the filter and pump cleaned the carb and now getting fuel air and fire but it wont start can anyone help please or does anyone want to buy it its in fairly good condition other than not starting
Asked Feb 25, 2011
If it's turning over and makes absolutely no indication that it's firing although you're 100% sure it's getting fuel, air and fire, check to make sure the timing chain/belt isn't broken. A fast way of doing that is see if the distributor is rotating when you crank it.

If it's sputtering when it turns over, I'd go back through it and make sure there wasn't trash in the fuel line that is either blocking the flow or has released and is back in the fuel filter or the carb. If you have any starter fluid or ether, put a few whiffs in the air system and see if that might loosen it up.

Saying a car is in, "fairly good condition other than not starting" is like saying "Other than that, President Lincoln enjoyed the play." :-)

Answered Feb 25, 2011
thanks rob tried ether and still nothing oh and it is a 4 wheeler atv not a car so no distibuter but liked your saying bout lincoln and fairly good condition lol

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