Why do people kill animals?

why do people kill animals? it's just not right, and why would you even want to kill an animal?
Asked Feb 23, 2011
Edited Feb 23, 2011
To eat and for fun also animates pretty much do the same thing as us tigers will kill us and other animals to
The thing that ticks me off is when people call hunting a "sport." A sport is a game where all of the contestants have an equal chance to win. What chance does the animal have against a high powered rifle fired by somebody at a great distance?

To make hunting a sport we need to either issue the animal a rifle or take the rifle away from the hunter. Wonder how many would want to go bear hunting then?
Answered Feb 26, 2011
yeah what chance does the animal have against a high powered rifle fired by somebody at a great distance? and what do you mean about Wonder how many would want to go bear hunting then? and your icon is so cute I love parrots
I was wondering how many people would want to go bear hunting if they had only their hands to use to kill the bear. I suspect not many.

The photo is our African Gray parrot named E.T. He's a funny little dude. Talks constantly. He likes the "Cops" TV show and when it's time for it to come on and the TV is on another channel he will keep yelling, "Get on the ground!" until you change the channel.
Rob Feb 26, 2011
i think chuck norris could answer the bear problem but yeah people would get killed be the bear, i've seen a African Gray parrot on youtube named einstein and she was doing animla sounds, I have two budgies named bobby and daisy but they don't know how to talk and the person I got them from said you need one budgie to get it to talk but I thought daisy was a bit lonely because i'm at school most of the time. bobby is quit a silly bird because when he still in the cage he climbs up and sit's on the top upsidown and daisy she like's to sit on the perch minding her own busness.
because they are nutz and have cold cruel hearts
Answered Feb 25, 2011
yeah some people are meen
You know Apple,
It's people like you that makes people like us who have experienced a very traumatic attacks by animals that have been severly ifflicted upon us in such a way as myself by a vicious dog at the age of 6. Killing two dogs one a doberman pinscher and a pit bull. Now, tell us that being attack and therefore are consider mean???????????
KIlling an animal just because you pissed it off and caused yourself to get attacked is bullshit. Besides that, they never even specified that, only killing animals for no reason.
Moooooo Oct 06, 2016
Animals have no rights in our society sadly and neither do plants so people can damage them to any extent and not be punished or corrected. People take out their anger on animals. A lot of it has to do with most religions not recognizing that animals and plants exist and their lives matter too. Religions only place emphasis on two things people and "God" not animals and other beings whether Earthly or extra terrestrial.
Answered Apr 18, 2013
well some people have to kill animals because of eating reasons and some kill because they are cruel and mean and like the enjoyment of killing:)
Answered Feb 26, 2011
you what!?
people kill because they have to eat,but some people kill for the enjoyment of killing animals like for instance hunting
yes I know but we can't kill all the time, have you ever seen a tiger? if not you better be fast because there are only 200 left in the world and if people kill anymore tigers there will maybe be 90 or 40 left in the world.
i know thats true some people just dont have a heart
not everybody believes that animals are equally as important as humans. the way you probably fell about plants. so you pick a flower, because it looks pretty. killing it in the process... same way, someone will kill a dog or a elephant for its tusks or something...
Answered Apr 13, 2012
Some people kill them to eat them. It's part of the circle of life. I don't kill them, but there are people who hunt.
Answered Feb 27, 2011
yeah, I know we need food but its cruel
Oh trust me I know. I've been protesting hunting for a couple of years now.
yeah I know too
Humans kill to eat, some kill for sport, others kill because they're fucked up.
Answered Oct 08, 2012
Is killing for sport not fucked up?
Moooooo Oct 06, 2016
i hate the people that kill the cute animals that god has placed on earth...
Answered Apr 17, 2013
mostly for food but either than that they are just mental people.
Answered Apr 17, 2013
Too eat.... I know we're u are coming from but it survival if u don't like it the be a vegan
When u live in the country and u got the 10. Buck that some thing to brag about then the 1/2 cooked bloody meet taste
so good... A lot of u city people to know what it is like
Answered Nov 18, 2013
Edited Nov 18, 2013
fuck you
Moooooo Oct 06, 2016
I think it goes back to our need to eat, back in the olden days before supermarkets we kind of had to, to survive and have a healthy body with right vitamins, so why else would we kill them. Also the want to eliminate other competition for food or possible predators. I defiantly don't support the killing of animals without a reason.
Answered Aug 15, 2014
Many reasons. One is because people think the animal kills humans
Answered Sep 04, 2015
some people killed animals for meat and some for funny. Do you know about animal to go to www.az2newspapers.com
Answered Dec 29, 2016
Know to kill animals can only mad depressed man who dont have a skill of estimate the life who can animals he can kill every person/i realy like he cant like human when he kills animals
Answered Feb 28, 2011
sorry I don't really get what you mean

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