Cant think off anything but her am going crazy. please help

This has been goin on for about 6 months (since september cant be bothered to count.) Anyway, in year 7 we didnt know eachother that well but we did say 'hi' or smile when we saw eachother and at that time I just fought she was a random girl, but when we got into year 8, well am in year 8 and she is in year 9 when I got into year 8 things were really crazy we started talking randomly, both of us were smiling when we were talking and acting all crazy all off that happens now I still remember not along ago we were on the bus and she was with her mates but she was listening to music and I was just looking at her (staring) and she catched me staring at her so she stared back and then I was looking at her again and she jus smiled. It was our last day of school on thursday and when it came to the end of school we were on the bus together talking and when we got to our stop we got off and hugged :). But about 2 or 3 days ago me and this other girl had an arguement and she knew that I liked a girl and she knew who it was so we had a big arguement so then that girl posted on her wall that I love her, at that time I was scared and I was shaking so I teext her saying it wasnt true and all that and I posted a thing on facebook saying 'FUCKIN IDIOT SPREADING LIES BOUT ME AND THEN GETTIN RUDE TO PEOPLE U DONT KNOW JUS FUCK OFF AND LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE!!!!!!!' and then she liked it I dont know if we are friends or not I dont know what to do she is the only thing I think about and I need help. :D and the way she looks at me when I will be explaining something she will just listen or when I say something to her friends she just looks at me with a smile and I catch her looking then I will smile

please help me am going crazy I cant eat I only thing about her and am really scared to tell her but also am really scared to fall in love with somebody else. I still remember when it was snowing me and her were walking to my friends house, and it was very slipery so she held my hand like 3 times and then when she went home she hugged me. When I talk to her she always looks me in the eyes, I dont know what to do when we had our first arguement I couldnt eat I couldnt consertrate I was crying, I wanted to do something really bad, I feel like dieing when I dont see her, I know she might not care but she means alot to me and I really love her.
Asked Feb 22, 2011
Edited Feb 24, 2011
i think she may fancyy you. ask her in a koking way would you ever goout with me
Answered Feb 23, 2011

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