SHE DUMPED ME FOR HELPING1 more info below

basically im bi. me and my gf or shud I say EX were going through a hard time I found out her dad was abusing so I went up to his house and asked wth he was doing and we got into a fight I ended up with 16 stichtes . and she said that she never wanted to speak to me again. all I wanted to do was help he hit me 1st I just wanted to sit down and talk with him and be mature. she said she wants nothing from me and that its best if we split up :@ why is she being like this I kne he had been doing thiss I just wanted to hear it from her.

can some one pls help me cos I love her with all my heart she is the only one for me I wud never change a thing about her she is just perfect.
Asked Feb 20, 2011
Your friend is in the middle between her family and you. She wisely understands she needs her family to take care of her until she is able to do it on her own. You're 14 years old, you can't feed her and provide her with a place to live. What reasonable solution is there at this point?

Helping is making the situation better. That's not what's going on. You need to back off before somebody goes to jail or worse. Sometimes the best way to show your love for someone is to leave them alone.
Answered Feb 20, 2011
i an provide a plae for her 2 live tho my parent love her like there own and they said they would gladly take her in. am I ment to stand bak and watch her get hurt her mum ran away 2 years ago I dont want to lose her. and I turned 15 lastweek
It is not your decision to make she has to decide if she wants to be with her father, her own flesh and blood, or you. I don't mean to be blunt but you need to hear it.
so your saying I shud just let her get abused. and eventually she will get hurt badly
You can report the abuse to the authorities. Same with the injuries you sustained but you have no right to go into someone's home and start a fight when neither the parents nor their daughter want you there.
Rob Feb 21, 2011
that didnt happen tho she asked me to walk her home . then she invited me in and he wanted to talk with me. I was being mature about the whole situation then he just flipped and hit me so I tried to defend myself . and now she is blaming it all on me but its not my fualt she wanted to be walked homw or is it?
You should totally give her space .. Then at the end a light bulb in her head will click and she'll realize you were trying to help her all along , then you guys get back together and live happily ever after :D and sorry to hear about the stiches /:
Answered Feb 22, 2011
i dont think that will happen everyone is advising me to stay away from her. and the stiitches:/ well im scared on my eyebrow
No, you're not supposed to stand by and watch someone else suffer when you have the capacity to help, but you need to understand exactly what you have the capacity to do.

For your own safety--and hers--don't talk to her or call her or go to her house. The relationship is over. She does need protection, but you... I repeat... YOU are not capable of protecting her.

I'd really like to encourage you to report her father to social services NOW. You can start by talking to your school guidance counselor or finding the number for your county social services.
Answered Mar 01, 2011
Edited Mar 01, 2011
its all done. I feel so bad tho. she was telling me she love me and everything. but I just had to keep it to speaking terms
I'm so sorry you're going through this. I know it must be very difficult. I'm sorry you had to have that conversation with her, but I'm impressed that you were able to maintain that boundary and take care of yourself in this situation; again, not an easy thing to do. I hope things get better soon. :-)
yeah hopefully. I really do love her. but imm doing this for the best
I am SO so glad you called social services. You are definately far too young to have handled this on your own. ALWAYS leave it to the professionals, no matter how hard it may be. I'm really proud, welldone, and as a fellow bisexual, i'm very sorry for your situation :( I wish you the best of luck in the future xxx
nah ill never meet anyone like her again. I ruined it so I have to face it I ghess

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