My boyfriend is 18 and I am 14 (15 in two months) is this wrong?

My boyfriend has just recently turned 18, and I am 15 in two months. We've been dating for about four months now. We're in a very intimate relationship, we spend most of our time together and we are definitely always on the same wavelength. My parents are fine with our relationship, he comes round almost everyday, and we spend a lot of time together (me, my boyfriend, my younger sister (7) and my mother). His mother on the other hand, is not so keen on the relationship, but that's a different story. We're not doing anything sexual, not until after I'm ready and definitely over 16. We've told each other we're sure we want to spend our lives together.

Does any of this seem wrong?
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Asked Feb 20, 2011
If the two of you live by the pact you've made with each other on sexual activity, there's nothing wrong with it at all. Your description sounds like a perfectly normal relationship for two people your ages.

His mother may be worried that you will go beyond that, maybe get pregnant and he will not finish his education. Very often parents base their fears for their children on the way they behaved when they were your age, assuming their children will do the same thing.
Answered Feb 20, 2011
Yes break up now and get back together when you are 18 cause this is not legal
Answered Feb 20, 2011
Stay with him. You are very lucky to survive in a relationship of that culture. As tou said you are not doing amything sexual. so...stay with tha pragram sista!
Answered May 15, 2011
Even if you keep your pact, depending on where you live, his actions in the relationship could still be considered soliciting a minor or something similar. If you're in the US and you have sex with him at 16, it's still a felony. Also some states treat cases more harshly if there's more than a 2-year age difference. It depends on your state how severe the penalties could be, regardless if you have sex or not.

His mother is probably afraid of what trouble her son could get into if either you or your parents get angry with him, decide to harm him, and try to charge him with something... although I bet you and your bf think that's impossible now. Hurt, angry people lash out in ways they never imagine, especially when they have a broken heart.

At 18, he's about to embark on a variety of life changes and experiences that you won't be able to relate to at 14/15.
Answered May 15, 2011
Edited May 16, 2011

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