Please help, Crazy, CRAZY mother here. And suicidal me.

Oh God.
Where to start?
Well, the problem is everything.. and It'll take one set of encyclopedias to explain everything fully.. Let's just start with the current problem: 1/200
( yes literally, I counted.)

Problem 1: Mother| Section: Talking Back|

My mom *always* I mean ALWAYS interferes with my discussions with dad, even if it doesnt involve her or her decisions a bit.
We're talking and then laughing, and when we reach a conclusion/opinion/minor decision/ that she doesnt agree on, she blurges in.
Either it's about my school's debate uniforms or no uniforms, my best friend's boyfriend, scene hair, or just little things that everyone has their own opinions about she just HAS to say something.
But when she ( I'm 11, and my brother's 7, because you'll need this additional info later.) jumps into a convo my brother and dad is discussing about cutting his hair and I happen to overhear how she tells both of them to shut up and recite how much she thinks boys should have longer hair and how being shaved is uncivilized, I lose my temper and happen to "jump" in the convo too.
Nope. She tells me to shut up and sit down while we *HAVE* to listen to what she says. I cant say MY opinion too?!?!?
She says it's "talking back" Ugh. FUCK. ( Yes I "cussed" But I HAD IT WITH THAT FUCKING BITCH.) Whenever I criticize her on her behaviour, all she does is say "OK", "You're right" and that kind of stuff. But she doesn't mean it, she just says it to shut me up and she does not listen to what I'm saying. And it frustrates me to no end because I can't reach out to her, she is like a fucking kid. Whenever I call her out on something she does or did, she always does that. She treats me like I'm some fucking dictator when we argue, she says "What do you want me to do?", but it's so obvious she says that kind of stuff so that I will shut up.

Then she starts to rant "I know that you hate me", "I'm an idiot, I'm a donkey. OK? Are you happy?" Even though I didn't mention any of those things, she keeps putting words in my mouth when we argue.

I just want her to listen to me. She doesn't even say "sorry" for the bad things that she does. All she wants me to do is to shut up and right now, I'm just feeling sad and angry. I keep thinking about her and her frustrating behaviour.

If I cant say my opinion, why do I have to listen to hers?
It's not like we're talking about something MAJOR. It's JUST AN OPINION.
There are a lot of other things I'm having a problem with too..
But, she is 91% the cause of my cutting, the 80% of the cause why I ran away from home ten times when I was in the 6th grade ( I'm in J. High now) and part of the reason why I'm suicidal.
Call me a teenage fuck up. <--- six words. Describe.My.Life.

Asked Feb 19, 2011
Suggestion 1: Go to your school counsellor, no teenager should have to be suicidal because of a parent who is supposed to love and respect their child.
Suggestion 2: When your mum is away, shopping or something, speak to you dad it sounds like you and him can really talk and that is one of the best things to have in life, a father who you can talk to and trust, I and many people do not have the advantage of this.
Suggestion 3: Go to a friends/relatives home and stay there for a while most people go to a friends house and then explain the reason for moving away from their parent/s and it usually hits home that their baby is so sick of them that they want to get away as fast as possible from them, this is a heart wernching thing for a parent to they will sort their lives out and try, in most cases, to become better people.

I have one final question, is she behaving like this with your brother?
If not make it clear thet you believe that SHE hates YOU even if it is not true and just see what happens, this worked wonders for me.

I am very sorry to hear about your problem and wish you luck with it xxx.

Answered Feb 20, 2011
Good answer!
Rob Feb 21, 2011
You are 11 and cusse that is just wrong get Jesus :)
Answered Feb 20, 2011
It's over the ingredient it not like she said. And that Jesus BETTER not gave been a joke or so help me almighty God I will get all catholic ( I am Christian btw ) all over your sorry @$$ just kidding or am I
Kiruse Nov 20, 2012
Dang. ur not a teenager. stop cussin. im 13 and I love my mom, just remember who gave birth 2 u, taught u how to walk, talk and crap in the throne. remember who cooks for you and love you verry much.

sorry kid, but ur tryin to act like a teen, too often. talk to your dad when sese not home, or hang out w/ your friends. lisen to some black eyed peas or somethin'. Just relax and leave it alone.

All your mom wants is to be with you. probley because your trying to hard 2 become a teen, and she feels like your growing up too fast. trust me. this is an easy fix.

Sorry bout the typos.

Answered Feb 20, 2011
Edited Feb 20, 2011
When your mom rapes you, what will you then do? Love her because she is your mom?
yeahh , well ... yes , get Jesus ... but right now , I think you should get someone who understands what you're going through . I think that cutting yourself is a DRASTIC solution for your problems . you might want to get some kind of stress ball . or try excersising or meditating to calm you down and decrease the stress of your mother doing that . maybe you need to tell her everything . I mean I know what you're going through , my mom is very contradictive , very interruptive , and also stubborn . but I love her like a fat boy loves cake , and I find ways to get past things like this . because I know who I want to be . and the person I want te be doesnt get angry about these things . remember that you must be mature about the situation and also this bigger person . if it helps give your mother the silent treatment for a day or two . although when I try to it usually end up with me laughing or breaking the promise to myself that I wouldnt talk . if this happens to you , just try to avoid her , and mayber drown yourself out in music .

please please please please PLEASE stop cutting yourself , it wont help anyone . so what you should do is purchase some stress balls or something . or start to meditate (: hope this helps (:
Answered Jul 12, 2011
Yes please thats not healthy!!
Talk to someone$$thats your solution try going to counsling with her talk to your dad about it k jst remember who took care of you als remember the things she did she didnt have to but she did because she loves you im 13 and my mom can be a pain and her boyfreind but I just let it go and listen to them that could be another resone that she treats you like that but remeber who loves and cares for you no mater what <3
Answered Mar 11, 2012
Man when I was ur age younger even my dad used to full on go at my mom don't go cutting yourself just cause of it when ever my dad was yelling at my mum I went out fishing or bush walking or rock climbing or hanging with my best friend and go carnewing I would say do the same like you need time to ur self not everything is about ur mom think bout urself to
Answered Mar 17, 2012
Well I agree with sexy(wow that sounded weird) and suicide is never an optioning worst comes to worst get a punching bag with her face on it.
Answered Nov 20, 2012
I think ur mom is going through a difficult phase... And it is showing on u... First stop cursing.. Bad
try to put itself in her shoes
she is running a house: cleaning cooking washing etc.
She is talking care of u: feeding loving packing ur bags making sure ur okay..etc
she also us doing the same for ur dad and HERSELF!!...
How long is it since she went out wid friends.. For a cup of coffee

give her, her space... Start respecting her for her flaws..
Start by hugging her and saying thank you... Even if it's just a post it on her cupboard door.. When u trust her enough and things look better tell her ur secrets.. She won't blurt them( my experience)... She wud start trusting u and will b much more confident..:)

trust me she'll change... Give it a week.. I promise.. Or u start cursing me okay..:p

I'm 13 btw and my mom is my best friend
Answered Dec 24, 2012
Have you done anything wrong or is she jealous that your mostly talking to ur dad
Answered Jul 29, 2014
I've got the same problem, it just started. Now, when I say something she bugs me, annoys me and swears. What should I do now?

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