My friend acts like she likes me, but iasked her if she did she said no. she still acts the same.

okay so ilike my friend. one of my friends told her iliked her. she was showin all the signs that she liked me. we were spendin alot of time together, but one day my friend asked her if she liked me. she said no. we still spend alot of time together and she still acts the same.

everyone iasked advise for said she likes me and mabey is scared of the outcome of ppl knowin, mabey shes confused. but everyone said she likes me. she puts on fb alot of statuses about me for ex: "ieye like you shhh dnt tell nobody #smwrap "

- one time iasked her "what if you and someone that liked you were alone and they tried to kissed you. what would you do? ''
-she said "idk what ide do mabey id like it"

idk ithink she likes me but it seems like we'er in a realationship ., but idnt wana ruin our friendship completly by asking her
., but iwill tommarow

what should ido??
Asked Feb 14, 2011
Well I think its cute that she likes you , but she makes it to obvious she likes you I think she wants to tell you she likes you but totally you should confront her about it and if you like her ask her out good luck (:
Answered Feb 17, 2011

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