Why do I still dream of my ex-boyfriend?

I was 14 turning 15 and I was dating a older guy for 10 months we would lose contact he would come back and look for me so we could be together recently we broke up he says he still has feelings for me but I'm trying to get over him but yet I've been having dreams of me and him what does this mean?
Asked Feb 11, 2011
Edited Feb 11, 2011
hey im 14 too and I luv my ex still but he lefted me for a white bitch and I was mad as fuck but I got over it okk so you need too to not being mean or anything but he has a girlfriend and damm I was fuckung crying and I was sad if you need herl we can be freinds on ehelp my name is mekescott
What does it mean to dream of an ex-boyfriend? Other than the possibility that you are consumed by his identity making you who you are... It would be that you are holding yourself back from your own life. In effect, you are letting yourself become or remain obsessed by something that should not have any power in your life. The things or people that we let control us, yet have no positive impact on our lives are the things that hold us back from improving and progressing as individuals. These setbacks can represent themselves in our subconscious minds and in our dreams because we don't know how to deal with them in our conscious day to day lives.

Your need to progress as a girl maturing into womanhood should be your first priority right now. There are different ways for everyone in this position, but we all have to find our own way in life. What this means is that if you have to be in a romantic relationship as a teen and come to find that relationship does not fit his or your life anymore, then you have to be responsible for your own emotional well-being and move on; ultimately taking care of yourself and avoiding hurting him aswell.

If you have a mother or older sister, or someone who will be able to give you an unbiased ear to confide in, then you should definitely take advantage of that. Even if you think that she wouldn't understand, the benefit of just talking about your issues with someone you trust would be a way of coping with possible regression and would help you avoid wanting to get back together with him (if not being with him is better for you, and it probably is).

Besides what the underlying reason for your dreaming about your ex-boyfriend is, a way to avoid that is to distract yourself from him. This really is what the reason why he is in your dreams; because in other words than saying you are letting him define you, it's that you haven't found something else to focus on. Let yourself become interested in you. Find something to be good at. If you are in school, remember that you can excel in class and be proactive in your education if you get involved more. Find how to treat yourself better by surrounding yourself with people who care about you and want good things for you.

Part of growing up and becoming a woman is learning from relationships, and responsibly letting go. It's natural to be obsessed with people temporarily, but to know when to move on is the hard part. Your dreams are supposed to tell you what to work on, but not so explicitly. You have to learn what is healthy for your well-being and be aware of your progress.

Answered Feb 11, 2011
Edited Feb 11, 2011
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