How do I make a science project?

I need to do a science project and I dont really know what topic and other things to do
Asked Feb 10, 2011
Edited Feb 11, 2011
The link below has many ideas and a "topic selection wizard" that considers how much time you have, your grade level etc.
Answered Feb 11, 2011
In any science fair project u should use the scientific method which is :

1-ask a question :
the scientific method starts when u ask a question about sth that u observe: How, what, when, who, which, why or where? And, in order for the scientific method to answer the question it must be about sth that u can measure, preferably with a number.
Put simply: pick some interesting aspect of your topic and choose a question about that which u can answer by doing the science fair experiment

2-construct a Hypothesis:
A hypothesis is an educated guess about how things work:
"if--------(I do this)-------,then-----(this)-----will happen"

3-communicate your results:
to complete your science fair project u will communicate your results to others in a final report and/or a display board. Pro scientists do almost exactly the same thing.

4- statement or purpose and Hypothesus.
6-analysis of data.
7-summary and conclusion.

Oh yeah, u have to write an abstract, object, introduction, terms concepts and questions to start backgeound research, materials and equipment, experimental procedure, and variations :)

If u need more info. Comment I have more info.
Hope I helped u :)
Good Luck with your science fair project ;)
Answered Feb 17, 2012

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