Do you think I am boring?

Hi everyone,
I am 16 and I spend my whole week indoors doing coursework and practicing cello and I have no problems with that. I love being on my own, I have extremely low self esteem, I love reading, my ideal career would be a librarian or owning a book shop. I love animals and I despise all of the people I hang about with and most people I come across, I have more common sense in my little finger nail than any of my friends do (I am really, really sorry that I keep talking about myself). I never go out on weekends and have no friends where I live so that is one reason I don't go out but the other reason is that I just don't go out. I like to go shopping with my mam and gran and I have been told time and time again that I am boring and I am not normal as most people I know are going out getting drunk every weekend, getting pregnant and having "fun" I am not jelous but I feel like I am missing out on my teen years.
Please tell me if you think that I am boring and abnormal if so why do you think this?
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Asked Feb 10, 2011
oh yah...ur not anonomys. when u see ur question it says your username. just sayin
Actually you sound like someone I would get along with. You don't seem boring to me. You sound like a young version of how I used to be.
Answered Feb 10, 2011
Having attended a number of high school reunions, I can tell you that all of my classmates that have done really impressive things with their lives were kids just like you when we were in school so many years ago. You are on the right track and if you stay on course, you can do anything you want in life.

The kids who are spending their time having "fun" now will show up at your 20th class reunion in an old station wagon loaded with kids and tell you how "lucky" you must have been to be where you are.

One ship sails East, the other West
Moved by the very same wind
It's the set of the sails, not the gales
That leads them to their end

Answered Feb 10, 2011
ur not boring at all. the people having"fun"wont think its fun later onwith tons of kids or an std or in jal for drunk drivin. id get along fine with u.
Answered Nov 13, 2011
Just because people call you boring it doesn't mean you're boring. You must live for yourself, not others. What's wrong with staying at home all the time? Getting pregnant and drunk is a cool thing? Absolutely not. Don't listen to what other people think of you, you must do what you have to do. To some people, reading a novel is the best thing to do during weekends. Everyone is different, it doesn't mean you must follow other people's ideas and do what they're doing just to please them and hope to hear that you're cool from them. Ignore everyone and do what you like because the only person who controls your future is you, not others.
Answered Dec 02, 2012
to be honest, it doesnt matter, some people will think youre boring some wont. the defenition of boring is mixed.
Answered Jan 11, 2013
I don't think you are. I spend my days writing, and watching movies, and never going out. I have two best friends, and I spend time with my little sister. I might be boring too, but if you love what you dowith your life, then you are not missing out, you are being sensible and smart and true to yourself.:)
Answered Aug 13, 2013
Your not boring, your unique and different, just like everyone, everyone if different and unique, perhaps your smarter than all of your friends, you sound like you are very intelligent. If partying and getting drunk isn't your cup of tea, then don't drink that tea!! Drink the tea you like, while your friends drink theirs. Maybe you should be a tad more social, maybe try finding a person you can relate to, or maybe someone that seems quiet and shy, get to know them, you may be just like them. You are who you are, only you can change who you are, but don't do things you don't want to do.

Hope this helped :)
Answered Aug 21, 2013
It is not good to spend all your time having "fun", but it is also not good to spend all your time without peer interaction.

I think you should get involved with a hobby or sport that you would like to get better at and where you can be around other people.

There's nothing like face to face, personal interaction. Just try to find some guys like you and you can all be intelligent together.

You're young. Go out, have some fun, live a little. You just might crack a smile. :)
Answered Aug 21, 2013
No you are not boring ! If you are worried about spending too much time at home in front of the TV why not see if there are any clubs or societies you could join ? Do you enjoy any sports ?
You sound as if you don't want to go clubbing all the time and you are not alone there !
Are there any friends in college you could start a film club with, where you go to a movie or have a night round someones place with a dvd and pizza ?
Sounds like people do notice you at college, chat to them some more and seek out the ones who don't go on about being out all night in clubs or at parties. Once your social circle builds up you will proably find you get invited to the odd party anyway.
Please don't worry. It is sad that you miss your friend, can you meet up with her at all ?
I hope all goes well for you.
Answered Aug 21, 2013

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