How can I masturbate without having a vibrater?

Im 13 and I have already asked my parents to buy me a vibrater & they have said no everytime. Im really horny and I need ideas for items to use so I can please myself.

SN: I have no cucumbers...
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Anonymous User
Asked Feb 06, 2011
use your fingers and just rub ur clit till u cum
baby27 Aug 12, 2013
two words hair bush
I'll help you masturbate if you want ;)
jwest19 Nov 12, 2013
have some one eat you out
Im 11 and so horny can someone help mee
You have 10 things to use..... FINGERS xxx
Answered Feb 06, 2011
I Am 10 Years Old, And I Rubb My Vagina Quickly with loads of stuff, that does give me a good and horny feeling, but I need something Better, I am scared to put my fingers in my Vagina, please help me, I dont know what to do.
just do it with a boy your age.
Use two fingers it's fine
TOO young with guy don't listen to bikersex10
NoneYa Dec 27, 2013
She'll screem when her cherry pops after that she'll live sex
If you put your vagina close to the tubs faucet and find a spot that feels good then squeeze your stomach and move your butt up and down and curl your toes it feels so good
Answered Jul 23, 2013
This is awkward...

Okay, first of all, at 13, you really shouldn't be doing that for..."recreational purposes", you can find something else to do. Try finding an online video game, playing a board game, or talking to friends.

If you must, there are many alternatives to this subject. A toothbrush. A mechanical toothbrush can sometimes vibrate in a pleasing manner. A handle to something. A broom handle is too long, and can rupture internal organs. Something like a hand broom, a lint roller, or something thats cylindrical and isn't blunt, it should have a rounded tip, like what it is pretending to be.

And whatever you try to use, make sure that it is clean, and covered. If it isn't clean, you can get a horrible infection, and if it's not covered, you can get cuts, splinters, burns, and anything else you don't want down there.

Answered Feb 06, 2011
dont be such a prude
b3xyb33 Jul 23, 2013
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Im 11 & I dont put things in my vag so try this..

Take lube and spread on fingers and start going up a
down then just keep goin
Answered Mar 16, 2012
thank god there are people my age that masturbate. I'm 12 and I'm like you Picklegirl, I dont like sticking things in. Try getting a cotton bud and putting vaseline on the end. Then rub it at the top of your vag on the clit. Hope it helps :D
if you dont like sticking things in, im 99.99% youre a lesbian.
Oh thank god other people my age masterbate try using one or two fingers and put them inside. Then start curling your fingers inward like you are telling someone to come. This stimulates your g spot, feels AMAZING!
K12 Aug 22, 2013
Oh I'm 12
K12 Aug 22, 2013
I'm 11 and I use the technique that K12 uses where I curl my fingers it's pleasure but sometimes it doesn't work do you have any tips?
USE YOUR FINGERS. slowly rub your clitoris until you get a good sensation. gently put one finger in your vagina. move it in and out. occasionally add a finger or so. when your about to CUM slide your whole fist in. then even further, to your wrist, your elbow, then to your shoulder. then try to fit your whole body inside. after you've completed this with success, rebirth yourself.
Answered Aug 22, 2013
I tried it(the first part not the stick your fist,arm then whole body) and it feels good
Bitchh Nov 29, 2013
This made my day. I can't stop laughing. Thank you for this!
Melichy Jan 04, 2014
You should get a boyfriend and ask him to lick your pussy and tell him to wet his fingers and put then in your pussy
Answered Aug 28, 2013
She is ten people TEN
NoneYa Dec 27, 2013
Would love to suck her hairless pussy
1m a 13 yr old horny girl I use 2 fingers but just not enough

Omg u guys
ok one im 14 and have a bf and asking him to do any of that is way pass the border line
im14 Mar 21, 2014
lol you're 13... but just lick your fingers and rub and find places that feels good
Answered Sep 01, 2013
Ii know its wierd but im 12 and also am waaayyyyy to... um.. idk just wierded out to even tel parents I masturbate but I use my fingers and the handle of my extra hair brush hope it helps
Answered Sep 02, 2013
Yeah that's what I do but I'm 11
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Lets sext I'm sooooo horny
I'm 13 I'm so horny but I'm to scared to ask my dad for a vibrated my mom left us and fingers don't work for me idk what to do
I've tried masturbating, I'm too scared to put my fingers in, I don't have any thing, WHY IS NOTHING WORKING
use your fingers
Answered Sep 07, 2013
Answered Sep 01, 2013
im 12..
i go to the bathroom just to masturbate.
i dont really know what to do tho
i want to stick my fingers in and out of my vagina but im scared.. will I moan?
i really want to kiss my crush when I do it
and I kinda want to do it with some friends to try it out for the first time but they will think im weird
help what should I do?
Answered Sep 09, 2013
right,me too
im 12 too. jst ask ur bestest closest friends if dey masterbate yet then practice together and find out places that feel good and make u cum. when u think your ready den drop d hint to ur crush ♥♥
Do u have kik we can share pics. I'm 12 to
I'm 12 to do u have kik we can share pics
hornyy Nov 25, 2013
Come to my house ill help u !
Answered Sep 15, 2013
i facetime my boyfriend and finger my pussy while hd jacks off to me he has fucked me like 4 times and ate me 2 and fingered me with 3 fingers
i also was horny one night so my brothers friemd came over and came in my room while I was fingering my self and came over to me and fingered me and then forced me to fuck him but I loved it
Answered Sep 20, 2013
um that forced part, is rape btw....but you liked it, so idk...
its not rape if u like it
im14 Mar 21, 2014
It is rape whether u like it or not, that's just pleasure coming between the fact that you are forcefully having sex
Da fuck buy a fuck-in enema bag
Answered Sep 29, 2013
Hey what I do is when I'm in bed at night time I get my pointer finger and start rubbing my clit and when I do that I feel weir is that support to happen? And I'm 15 btw.
Answered Oct 20, 2013
i do that to:)
im 11 and horny what do I do
Lick my pussy
Answered Nov 10, 2013
I will lick yours
Licker Nov 10, 2013
69!!! the best female on female sex position ever
I'm 12 years old and I masturbate. What I do is I take a small blanket, go in the bathroom, lock myself in and spread the blanket down to lay on. Then I lay on my left side, with my iPod touch in my left hand, my right hand free. Once I'm cozy, I search up porn. :) once I find a hot video, I put my right thumb in between the side of my clit, and the right side of my vagina lip. Then I slowly rub my finger up and down then I gradually increase my speed until orgasm. After doing that atleast 10 times, poof! Climax. I hope this helps you! :)
Answered Nov 22, 2013
What porn website do you use?
Sexxxx Nov 29, 2013
How do you orgasm im 13 btw
Liv Mar 17, 2014
Answered Nov 25, 2013
Put a pillow in your knickers and rub against them or if you want I'll give ya a rub I'm 13
Answered Nov 28, 2013
Do u live in Salina ?? And do u go to lake wood???
Rub your clit with a cotton bud and Vaseline on it.
Answered Nov 29, 2013
I go to the bathroom and wet my fist with water and shove it up there and then rub my clit until I'm tingling.
Answered Dec 01, 2013
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Use your fingers or ask to go to the mall some places sell them .. Or get someone that's older that you trust to buy you one .. Fingering yourself feels good but after a whole it doesn't give you the same pleasure as a vibratir sexy or somebody eating you or fingering you because it's a different pleasure when it's not you .. Try it
Answered Dec 13, 2013
Who has kik?
Answered Dec 29, 2013
I do bdog677776
Yes I am a girl
Wtf I say your a girl but your a guy! You said that you can exchange pics one of your cock and one of her pussy
NoneYa Jan 29, 2014
I'm 14 and I want to have sex so bad but I don't know... I look up porn and fringed my self, there's this guy and he's like my closest friend and we shared pics nd he told me to finger my self and send a video of me doing it I felt really good but when do you really know it's time for sex??

And to go with this answer idk if y'all have these but go look and see if you have tampons and if u do they work the best to me, that or you can finger your self:) you will fell really really good
Answered Jan 02, 2014
WAIT TILL YOUR OLDER, and if you dont, use condoms....SAFRE SEX
like one of the girls said use your faucet when you take a bath and your phone or finger yourself thats what I do im also glad that other girls my age masterbate. im 11 btw
Answered Jan 06, 2014
Does anyone want to txt me on kik? I can send pics ;)
Answered Jan 23, 2014
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yes what is it
Y'all are little babies still and shouldn't even be thinking bout masterbation.
Answered Jan 26, 2014
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Answered Jan 26, 2014
Who has kik
Answered Jan 28, 2014
I have a kik
i have a kik
get an electric tooth brush or something
Answered Jan 29, 2014

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