Loved a girl. she is not talking now


We both are friends started speaking for past 10-11 months. We work for same company but different countries though. I was in same office few months back. I proposed her. She didnt agree. But we used to talk like friends. I feel more for her. I call her daily and tell her that "I can't live without you, I want you, I will not marry anyone else, you are my heart, mind and you are everything for me, I can do anything for you... Dont even in your dreams imagine that I will marry another girl". She used to say, she cant love because her parents will be hurt if she goes and tell them that she loves a person and all.... We were talking till Sunday. Since monday she stopped attending my calls. I sent her emails and text but no reply. Two days later, she emailed me saying - "First of all I am extremely sorry ,but I need to tell you that I cant take you calls or mails
I have told you before and telling you again that I dont see you more than a good friend,since you are not able to accept that I am not able to talk to you anymore.
You are a matured guy,please try and understand that there is no point in calling or insisting a person who is not interested in a relationship and ya m not gonna change my mind on this.
So Please concentrate on your career and try to forget me.
I hope you understand. "

I replied
"i am sorry if I have troubled you more constantly insisting a relationship with you…
i understand you are not liking it. So let's be friends.. u understand one thing.... u accept me as "good friend" right.. let us be friends... who said we cant be friends if we r nt in relationships?.. wat happnd to u suddenly.. I want to talk pls.. understand.. nt abt replationship but in general.. I promise I will nt talk abt relationship and moreover we cant stop talkin suddenly.. understand matured lady. ... we were talkin v v v frequently.. now u r sayin don want to talk all of sudden..
pls agree... talk to me once.. I will explain..
plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss agree to talk…. We were and are good friends till now. Come on…"

she replied saying

"i agree wid u...i shldnt ve spoken 2 u in first plc...thts my mistake...
but I alwes thght lets not lose a frnd coz of this stupid thing..thts the reason I was tlkin n tryin 2 mak u undersstnd everytim...but seems lik u don its better 2 stop now instead of takin it fwd.."

I replied

"ok I understood , tht u was / are serious abt not having relation , n from now on u will b just frnd

pls .. want to talk.. lets talk pls".

I still love her and I cant think of another girl in my life... I cant replace anyone in my heart...

After a week it was New year and I called her. We spoke for some time and after that she went on vacation to home town. I tried to call her but she didnt pick. Now she is back to work but she is not picking my calls now also, not replying to emails. I try to text her through internet(Internet to phone) - obviously she cannot reply thru phone to Internet. But she can email right. she is not doing so. (Its been a month we spoke with each other)

I cannot live without her. I feel like dying. She is my life and she is everything for me.. I want her....

Thing is her parents are seeking a guy for her marriage now and I am asking her to wait till I come back and talk with parents about marriage. Whatever I text or email or call, she does not respond. I want to die. I want to die..
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Asked Feb 01, 2011
Edited Feb 01, 2011
What you are doing is a terrible strategy and very close to harassment. She has an absolute right to date and marry whomever she wants for whatever reason. A relationship involves two consenting people. You need to get a handle on what you're doing and understand there are literally billions of other people on earth to choose from. You can't just pick out someone else and badger them into marrying you.
Answered Feb 02, 2011
I agree completely with Rob, leave this girl alone and find someone who wants to be with you, if possible get some professional help too.
Answered Feb 02, 2011
If you really love her go to her home and talk with her parents about how she respects them and that you love her.. try your best to convince them gud luck
Answered Oct 14, 2012
Dear friends

I too love a girl . .my case is similar as described above. . I too can't think over another girl help me
Answered Jan 01, 2013
Holy fucking shit back the fuck off I fucked her last night I know who yore roaming about.
Answered Nov 07, 2013
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