In which century did bathing start?

about the history and origins of bathing.
how bathing was carried out in the beginning.
Asked Feb 01, 2011
There is no one time in history where everybody world-wide decided to wash up. In ancient Rome it was popular. With the fall of Rome it it went out of vogue with the common people. Between then and the 18th century it was considered more of a luxury like a spa is today than a form of necessary hygene. When medicine became more science than quackery, doctors began recommending it but it wasn't until 1900-1950 when indoor plumbing with hot and cold running water became common that it evolved into the daily ritual it is today. There are still many parts of the world where the morning shower hasn't caught on, mainly because of limited supply and distribution of water.

Answered Feb 01, 2011
Edited Feb 01, 2011

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