Do you think we headed for another Cold War?

With all the stuff going on in Russia, China, Iraq and etc in your own words do you think we are headed for another cold war? I just looking for others input on the matter.
Asked Jan 24, 2011
Not in the same sense as post WWIi. In that period there was little communication between the countries involved. What has changed is the global economy. The nations involved are so interdependant economically that the US, Russia and China would lose more than they would gain by moving back to that way of doing business.

The exceptions are Iran and North Korea. Their guiding principles don't seem to be economic and communications with the West are very limited. The situation is not unlike the cold war and the hingepin is the nuclear weapons issue. Both countries foreign policy is more akin to a chess match than a cooperative effort to be part of the international community. My concern in their case is more for a "hot" war than a cold one.
Answered Jan 25, 2011
no not unless there is a a dissagreement or a argument about a countries settlement then there would be a war but no I don't think so we are all right at the moment
Answered Apr 30, 2011

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