Why does my pet bird keep sneezing?

my bird raven keeps sneezing?
Asked Jan 24, 2011
Birds sneeze to remove dust and particles from their breathing system and some birds may not be sneezing at all, they may just be imitating something they've heard.
Answered Jan 24, 2011
hi....s with other species of parrots and other pets, cockatoos are prone to health issues if they are not cared for properly. And as always, prevention is the best medicine. Checking the health of your cockatoo on a regular basis can ensure that your feathered friend is around for years to come. And cockatoos have a very long lifespan, with some species living as long as 85 years. So make the most of those years by ensuring that your cockatoo remains healthy.

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Answered Jul 17, 2014
You should take your bird for medical checkup, may be due to some inner problem, your bird are doing like this.
Answered Jul 24, 2014

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