Confused about what to do.

Ok so me and this girl met this year, she is a grade below me. We are both bi, and we both like each other more than friends. I just found out not too long ago, and so did she. We started to develop a crush on each other about the same time. She's a BIG flirt, but I think she really likes me. We text and we talk to each other on Facebook a lot. She asked me what our options were... just friends, more than friends (relationship, friends w/ benefits, etc) and I said it was up to her. She texted back and said that she kinda liked the more than friends better. But then on Facebook later that night, she's like I think we should just stay friends and see where it goes. I was like alright, but I REALLY wanted to tell her that I wanted to be more than friends, like in a relationship with her. I wanted to tell her that I really like her, and would love to be more than friends, but I didn't. And now it's like kinda awkward between us cause we both know that we like each other. I wanna date her, but I don't wanna ruin our friendship if something happens. What should I do?
Asked Jan 22, 2011
Edited Jan 22, 2011
If she said that you should stay friends and "see where it goes" I would just tell her how I felt but say that if she doesn't want anything to happen it doesn't have to (even if you wnt it to) coz if you confess your undying love for her she may get freaked and just blank you, so if you do it that way then you still get to see her and speak to her on a regular basis. I really do hope that helps hun xxx
Answered Jan 23, 2011
Thank u very much :) There is kinda some awkwardness goin on between us ever since we both found out. I guess I just need to see where everything goes.
make ur move! I did and she rejected me and im so shy that I cant believe I tld her. just cus she rejected me doesnt mean there isnt hope for u. it didnt even bother me that she rejected me. I just like the fact that she knows how I feel. she only rejected me cuz shes in love with a guy.
Answered Jan 23, 2011
Well, the thing is... She hasn't really rejected me. She's just like, she doesn't know what to do, and neither do I. And yeah I'm really shy and it shocked me that I told her. She has a bf soo, I don't know how it's gonna work out, But tyvm for ur help! :)
mine told me she doesnt know what to doeithr. best of luckk<3
well.. I would say that you could just wait and see, but maybe at some point... talk to her about how you really feel. Let her know what you really want.
don't force or rush anything, as the "wait and see what happens" kinda comes into this, just take your time.

I've noticed when people are unsure of what to and ask others.. they just plain out say: ask them!
which may be difficult and I believe that not everyones situation is the same where you can say things just like that.
like how neither me or my GF really asked either one out XDD it just kinda happened :P

anyways... When you feel comfortable enough and you just feel it's a good time, try having a talk with her.

I hope things'll work out ;D you two sound cute together <33
Answered Jan 27, 2011
Thank u ;) the thing is that she spent the night w/me just a few nights ago, and we kinda made out. Soo its like rly awkward atm...

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