What happen's when you have no red bloodcells, and you don't eat, you sleep for hours, and your pail

im not eating, im sleeping to much, I get light headed sumtimes and im really pail.. I need to know what happens
Asked Jan 18, 2011

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You definitely have red blood cells, (they are what carry oxygen around your body, without them you die, and a paleness might be amaemia (see a doctor).
I suspect that as you are a girl and you state that you are not eating we might be talking about a cosmetic appearence thing here.
The light-headedness might/probably indicates a substantial Vit/Min and/or Protein deficiency.
The over-sleeping thing is because your body knows better than you do that if it does not have the right resources to function the safest thing to do is to shut down. It draws the blood (carrying what resources ARE available) away from the extremities i.e. paleness. It will do whatever is necessary to preserve core functions (Heart, Lungs etc.), and moves to minimum action/effort.
In answer to the question, I think you know the answer to that.
You need to modify your behaviour and/or see a Doctor.
Answered Jan 19, 2011

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