Why do I continue to have dreams about my ex-girlfriend and her family?

I loved my ex with all my heart. We used to be like two peas in a pod. Everywhere one went, the other went too. We were together almost 3 years and we did everything in high school together as well. But then I graduated and went to college and then one month later I got a phone call and she got pregnant, yes by me, and she was scared and wanted to know if I could come home and comfort her. So I did, but then she told her parents and her parents went crazy! they wouldn't let her talk to me, see me, email me, nothing! and her moods started to change drastically with all the crap they were putting in her head, and then the next week or so, she called me and broke up with me, the weird part was, she didnt want to, I could hear it in her voice. So after we broke up, the other weird part is that she still wanted to hang out with me, like stay the night, kiss a little here and there, yeah, very weird to me, so I hung out with her, but then 3 months later after hanging out all the time, she didnt need me anymore and completely kicked me out of her life. We still talked every now and again, but nothing serious like before. and to answer anyone who may want to know the answer to this question, yes I miss her. A LOT! so yes, I know there wasn't any closure for us, so please don't say that, but why would I be thinking about her a lot, and why do I dream about her? why.....?
Asked Jan 05, 2011

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Dreams are random thoughts, some from your memory that have no bearing on today. You dream about her and her family because they are in the forefront of your mind. Learn from the experience, get a new life and the dreams will subside.
Answered Jan 05, 2011
Probably because you still like her a lot so if I was you I would tell her all that you've go in mind about her and tell her how your feeling and that you would like to be with her again. Dreams are funny things. When I dream of a guy it's mostly because I like him. But you should ask yourself this, when you dream of her do you feel something strong in your heart and dream about her in a positive way?? This should help to answer if you still like her! If not then just stay close friends!!
Hope this really helped
Answered Jan 15, 2011
it happened to me I swear I really loved her untill she 5th grade
i just got over her and we never got back together and she left
after she left I kinda got sad again even though I dont like her as much as I did
Answered Jan 15, 2011
dream can not represent the true, as long as after you wake, you know how to continue your life.
the past thing is past, not be too entangled.
Answered Jan 29, 2011
i to have dreams of an ex girlfriend, but we parted 25yrs ago, so why is she still in my dreams, she was my world and that came crashing down when she gave up on me, its not easy to explain, she was told by some infeciouse human waste that I was cheating on her, this was done to split us up and get me to be with a girl that was not even a third place contender, I feel love for niki even now but know I can not have her again, when you dream you are in a state outside of life, but what if our dreams are infact our desires and not acting on them pushs us from them, I would live in the dream with her forever if I could, sadly I made one big mistake and I did not fight to save our love and weeks later she found a new love, love is heart ache.
Answered Nov 17, 2012
Edited Nov 17, 2012

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