I am a girl and I am in love with another girl but she's married.

I am a 22 year old girl and I am in love with a 25 year old girl.
She knows that I am bisexual. She admitted once to me that she like girls more than men.

I think she like me more than just friends. She tell me often that I'm cute. She touch very often my face, arms, thighs, hair and sometimes she touch my butt and hands. She once said that my hands are soft. She told me two times that I'm sexy and beautiful. She told me a month ago that I got big breasts and she thinks it's sexy.

And now I am totally grazy about her, but there's one problem. She is two years married with a male. But she told me that she don't have feelings for him anymore. She sees him more like a brother.

Do you think she's in love with me?
Should I tell her about my feelings?

(sorry for my bad english. I'm dutch)
Asked Jan 01, 2011
Edited Jan 01, 2011
I am a lesbian women
Grow up get out of her life, she only been married 2 years.
Its wrong of you to be deliberately trying to ruin some ones relationship for your own selfish needs.
Go find your own love.
And if she craps on him with you then one day she will crap on you with some one else.
Your English is very good.

I see nothing wrong with telling her but be careful how much faith you put into what she says. If she's an air-head don't be surprised if she says things that change from time to time. You will find out more about where you stand from what she does than what she says. All of the choices that have to be made are up to her and it may take time for her to work through how she really feels. In the mean-time it will likely take some patience on your part.

Answered Jan 01, 2011
Hello Shygirl, I know exactly how you feel I'm in love with a married woman too which happens to be my friend. I tell her all the time how much I love her sometimes I wonder if she believes me. I'm head over heals for this woman, my every thought is of her and fantasizing about making love with her, kissing, and holding her softly. She knows how I feel and what I want to happen I think she's scared. My only fear is that she's gonna break my heart and I'll be left to pick up the pieces. I've tried very hard to suppress my feelings for her but they wont go away. What do you do when you love like this?
Hello toobossey, I was in that kind of situation you describe when I was a teenager. When I was younger, I always felt in love with some straight girl my class. If I found out that she was straight, I always tried to suppress my feelings which is very hard. But when months went by my feelings for that person always decrease little by little. I know that from my experience.

u can tell her if u want, but make it clear u won't do anything with her unless they divorce, and u wanna stay friends nd stuff
Answered Jan 02, 2011

Im on the same boat and its currently happening, im 26 and im married for 5 years im attractive and never thought that I will be experiencing this, last year I met this girl she is single and very attractive too. we got drunk after a party with my husband and suddenly she kissed me, that was my first time kissed by a girl.. its feels so good, it was very very romantic and very passionate and imagine that was with muh hubby around ,my hubby don't happen to react because he was also shocked.. as the days and months goes by, I got developed with this girl... I mean it that I really reaallly love her.. surely im inlove with her. we do things in a very special way with the permission ofcourse from my very open minded husband... so this is it... the problem was I got realy really involve in such a way that I forgot to also show it to her that I love her too. I just let her do things for me without appreciating her.. Now she decided to go straight to become stable.. but the problem is I don't want her go.. I want her to stay because im madly inlove with this girll.. really... help me what should I do..???? pllleeaaasseee ive tried to convinced her but she is trying to date with other men which hurts me so so so badly...
Answered Mar 10, 2011
In my previous company a was there we used to stay near by so I used to go with her my bike. she used to hold me tight and once we were having lunch together then she said if you were boy I would have definatly proposed you.

Then I left the company and joined other company then I used to miss her badly, then I decided to tell her about my feelings so I sent a mail expressing my feelings but she did not even reply for my mail.
Then again I msgd her once to know abt her she replied also.
I decided not to contact her so I stopped msging her or mailing.
But after 2-3 months she sent me forwarded msg so sometime I chat with her now.
If I say that do I disturb you then she replies why do u say like that u never disturb me.
pLZ help me what should I do??
shall I continue chatting with her if I chat with her I miss her more so plz help I love her alot
Answered May 11, 2013
trust me I know its really hard to love someone who wont love u back.sometimes even if u meet someone else u need the person u felt.i liked this girl for 2years and I confessd but in the end I realise she was freaked out.because she is a straight.she didnt even like to stay at my sight.i know its creepy.meantime I couldnt get off from strong attraction I had for her so I started liking other ones but nothing could make me stop.later after something came up in my class room my teacher talked to me and she asked me wthr I like this girl.i said I did and she told me that the girl I liked didnt even knew me she was really freaked out and she was being bit treated badly by her friends misunderstanding she is also gay.i was shocked by those words.i realize what I did was wrong.i never should have confess.she actually didnot even knew me.i was a total stranger.it was fair for her to feel that way.i realise how selfish I am for liking her.i mean it was my pervert mind wanted to kiss her.be with her.all that crap.i was outta my mind.but some energy showed me that there's plenty of love u can find if need.time will solve everything. my main priorities are to pass my exams well.i even liked my best friend but she is soo a dick lover that made me sick of her.my advice best if u move on.i know u feel soo powerful attraction to her.try distract ur self from feelings,control ur self dont let feelings control u.dont ever harm ur self.love ur self too.good luck!
Answered Jun 04, 2013
I can understand ur feelings bse 3 yrs ago I was also fell in luv with a girl..its a first sight love..v became friends..infact she is my mam I dont know y I hd such a feelings fr her..bt she know my unconditional luv..fr her bday I wrote a diary full of poems and gav it to her. She was happy ..after 3 yrs I cam to know tat she loves a guy n goin to get married ..i just stabbed my hand wit a knife it hurts her so much so frm tat I stop doin tat.aft tat I completed my school n she also resigned her job..i feel lik I was dead ..wen I see her wit another one it hurts me so badly infact I tried to suicide attempt bt I cant.nw she pregnant n living happily..i just want to see her oly once n a lif tim ..so pls dont lose ur heart ..try to liv happily n make others lif happy
Answered Feb 03, 2014

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