The truth of the ad money?

Hi everyone!
I asked for the ad money is real?
Bux sites I found on site as follows:
Statistics available on this page to let his site about 40 Bux
There are a number of pages a contest about $ 0.01 clicks implement them enough money into Paypal account or Alertpay.
But there are several pages when one clicks up to 1 USD. Each person who tries these pages to share your experience for me
Asked Dec 29, 2010
Edited Dec 29, 2010
Pay per click advertising is a way of billing a business for Internet advertising. Having people continually click on ads is a dishonest practice. I'm not a moralist but ask yourself, if someone is willing to rip-off the business paying for the ad, what makes you believe they will be honest enough to pay you?

Answered Dec 29, 2010
those shit about never works ...there are too much assholes out there who will either WON'T pay you or it's squarely fraud like google chest. or other guys that ruined it for us that uses trojan to infect our computers to go click some whaterver damn banner and giving them credit for.. witch companies know about and now it's pretty much dead...Want a good advice ? go get a real job !
that's about the most realistic thing you can do. and whaterver you do Never EVER play casino online...they are mostly frauds and absolutly no tricks are valid's actually people that are paid to spread those tricks by the casinos to attract people, i'm not joking it's common knowledge.
Answered Dec 30, 2010

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