I'm a girl who likes a girl but is unsure how she feels about me and I want to know if she likes me?

okay so I know this girl from school and we're friends and are kinda close. we've been txting non-stop for the past two weeks. she is kinda seeing someone and anyway she kissed me once but we were both under the influence. she flirts with everyone, including me. she sometimes just stares and tells me i'm cute and adorable and no one agrees with her but she insists on it. she told me that she liked me last year but that was last year when we didn't speak cuz we were both scared to. she likes to hug me and she likes to call me her's and she likes to come and sit on my lap at random or hold me does she like me cuz my bff says she does but idk. we argue over stupid little things like a couple my mom said. oh and I know she likes gilrs, so I really just want to know if she likes me.
Asked Dec 28, 2010
just tail her how you fill and ASK HER if she likes yu
Ooook, let me give you all some advice. If you think the girl likes you because she touches you or because she's always laughing with you and would rather hang out with you than with anyone else. SHE DOES LIKE YOU!!! I have been in situations like these way too many time, that whole "she's straight" is major b.s. Every girlfriend that I've had was "straight", it's bs people. They are just scared of societies judgement and of liking someone of the same sex.
Anywho,my advise is for you to put yourself in a situation where "things" are more likely to happen, such as sleepovers, go watch a movie at her place, go on a road trip just the both of you, if you're old enough go party and have a few drinks with her. SHE DOES LIKE YOU!!! then just be playful and kiss her, you can be comical about it and say "i kinda wanna kiss you" in a very playful manner, don't be awkward please. Gluck
P.s. So you guys know, my current girlfriend left her husband whoHDhe has a kid with because she was always happy with me, ever since highschool, but she tried the "right" thing to do, got married and had a kid.
Well, after 3 years of marriage she couldn't take it anymore and left him for me.
:D soooo, don't mess up ur life because of what ppl. Say. Just follow ur heart and be HAPPY, life is too short. Take care girls. Ciao.
Answered Jan 16, 2011
Hey can u give me some advice cause I hve a friend who doesnt know im bi and I really like her but I dont know what to do cause shes straight I get some mix signals but I dont wanna ask her or let her know im bi and I like her because im new to this.can u help me
Kc Dec 18, 2011
If there ever was a case where the answer is, "ASK HER!!" this is it.
Answered Dec 28, 2010
Good answer!
thanks I did ask and she said she does so thanks oh so much
yaaaaay!!!! good for u!!!!!
I read the beginning of a book that kind of had this scenario. I think it was called "Kissing Kate" by Lauren Myracle... although, it's a work of fiction so it would probably be hard to build actions off of but it might help. I dunno. Definitely do what Rob said. That's probably your best bet.
Answered Dec 28, 2010
Edited Dec 28, 2010
just ask her!!!!!
Answered Dec 29, 2010
this girl name hailey she says that she is bi and her friend keandra hits me on my but and one time hen I spend the night at here house and hailey tried to kiss me but I think she likes me she is cute but shes in the3 grade and im in the6 well ithink she is she sits on my lape she all ways trying to kiss me well kiandra she trys to hump me and she all ways trying to kiss me n my lips too I think she lkes me though and this gurl lanesa whaen I spend the night at her hous e she did some thing she tryed to do a 3 some with me her and her boy friend and I told her im bi and she kissed me I told her I does not mean I like yu but I think hailey kiandra and lanisha likes me
Answered Mar 16, 2011
Ask her who she likes, and who does she think is cute. And it's right there she likes you but u should non stop flirt with her and she'll tell u
Answered Sep 10, 2012

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